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Thread: Serious UTI symptoms but negative urine cultures

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    Serious UTI symptoms but negative urine cultures

    In the last 18 months I've taken antibiotics 10 times for UTI. In the past year, at least four (including my last three) urine cultures have come back negative for UTI, even though I exhibit serious symptoms at the time I start taking antibiotics. My symptoms include cloudy urine, sediment, low volumes (100 cc or less), dysreflexia, and involuntary voiding. My doctor thought my symptoms might be due to some other infection like chlamydia or gonorrhea, but tests for those also came back negative. When I take the UTI antibiotics, my symptoms go away, but I continue to get frequent UTIs (every 1-2 months) or something resembling them. The antibiotics have been really hard on my body and I'd prefer not to take them, but I don't know what else to do. Does anyone have any advice? Has anyone experienced something similar?

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    I had a similar problem and it was bladder stones. They had to do an x-ray to figure it out and then pulverize it with ultrasound to get rid of them (out-patient surgery)

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    I agree. If you have not had recent urodynamics (assuming you do not use an indwelling catheter) and tests for stones (at least an ultrasound of your entire urinary system), you need to get these soon. Are you being treated by a good neurologic urologist, or is this physician your family doctor or internist?


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    It's time to be checked out.
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    I'm planning to see a urologist in August for urodynamics. However, I did do tests in October for bladder stones and results were negative. Is there a possibility that this is something serious that I should try and get checked out before August? My doctor in California is just a family doc (through the University). The urologist I see is in Oregon and is the same urologist I saw as an in-patient. My last urodynamics were in July, 2007. If not stones, any other theories on what this might be?


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    You can also have stones in your kidney and ureters, not just your bladder. You really need a comprehensive urologic evaluation, and soon. A cystoscopy may also be indicated.

    What is your bladder management now?


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    I do intermittent catheterization.

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    KLD, do you think my symptoms are serious enough that I should expedite doing urodynamics? I know it can be hard to get in to see a urologist, but maybe they will see me sooner if there are qualifying circumstances.

    Thanks for you help in this.

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    I'm not KLD, but I would certainly advise you to get in to get tested as soon as possible. Every time you take antibiotics, you're increasing the likelihood that resistances or allergies will develop.

    Something is causing these problems, and comprehensive testing is the only way you're going to figure out what it is...and how to fix it.
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    I had the same problem for over a year.

    I stopped taking antibiotics and can knock off UTI's now in a couple days with high levels of vitamin C, cranberry, d-manoos, high protein, low sugar, and tons of water. I cannot stress enough how important it is to increase your fluid dramatically.

    Of course get your urodynamics done too, but give this a shot in the meantime.

    BTW, the reason I stopped taking antibiotics is because I got one of the superbugs that are hard to kill because of my over exposure.

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