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    I feel like my lower back(lumbar region) is arched more than normal when I lay down.

    When l'm laying down on a workout bench I really seem to notice it. It's like my lower back is arched toward my stomach. I'm wondering If anyone else has this problem?? My injury is a t-5 and I'm 6'4. I've worn a binder, but I don't think that helps keep my back straight. Although, it does help with the stomach. I lie on my stomach at least once in a day to stretch my hips. I'm wondering If this is part of my injury or b/c I have a long torso? Or do I need to adjust my wheelchair?? Maybe see an Orthopedic?
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    Does your back seem to be arched like that when you are sitting in your wheelchair? I seem to arch that way if the back of my seat is 90 degrees. I have it reclined a small amount (3-5 degrees) and that solved my problem. I am about 6"2".
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    Hiyaz Gang
    Eversince my last neck surgery etc... I found my posture changed also and In my case it is because of my physical buildup or the way I am in general
    Also I am very tall easily over 6ft more like 6'2
    Because I spend so much of my life in a chair I have a arched back

    This will or may vary from pt to pt but I can see things from both of your perspectives
    Thank you

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    Talk to your DME about lumbar support in your backrest.

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