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Thread: 11 years ago today i got my SCI, but for the first time am standing up.

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    Smile 11 years ago today i got my SCI, but for the first time am standing up.

    how am i standing you ask. with the help of technology of course. i purchased a used standing wheelchair 2 weeks ago and so far its awesome. i did not even get light headed fter not standing for over a decade. everything looks different wen you go from being 4ft to 6'1. its great and im hoping in the next 5 years a SCI treatment comes out and i can stand unassisted. COMON FUTURE!

    does anyone else have a standing chair?

    28/M/chicago/C5-c6 quad Comp.

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    Congrats on the liberation!

    Still wondering what's keep you vertical w/o a chest strap, must have a great core going on.

    I hope you've been standing(frame) up until the chair though..just worried about HO or brittle bones breaking.


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    You look good, man.

    Yeah, don't fall forward. That would be carnage.

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    Standing tall. As others have said, "careful wid dem bones." You are looking good. Enjoy.
    You will find a guide to preserving shoulder function @

    See my personal webpage @

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    What brand of chair is that ?


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    What's the weather like up there?

    If I tried it I'd probably crumble into my shoes:-(

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    wow.amazing...must be feeling great.! glad to c your pic

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    Awesome! Sarah is in the process of getting a standing frame. I can not wait!

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    Did you get a bone density test before you started standing again?

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