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Thread: Husband is T3 Complete, closed head injury

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    Hi Jody,
    I am a little late with my welcome, but it is just as sincere. Sorry about Ryan's accident, but this site offers lots of information, practical help, and friendship too. Congrats on getting into nursing school. That's great!!!

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    Wow...this is quite a letter you wrote to the teenage driver

    I'd encourage others to read it.

    I have very similar injuries from my motorcycle wreck, but fortunately, my accident was all my own fault. I can only imagine how the resentment must hurt when someone else made the mistake and waltz along with their life, free of the consequences that they caused you.

    I really hope some justice is served on the girl.

    I also have a 15 year old teenage girl who is becoming a driver. She knows the pain I have been through. But I think I will print your letter just so she can read it too. I don't want her texting and driving and causing another similar accident. It would be much better for her to imagine you were writing to her after her imaginary accident.

    Best of luck in the future to you, Ryan and the kids.


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    I just read the letter too. Did you actually send this to her & did she reply back?
    Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you're gonna get.

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    You are an amazing lady. Keep up the good work. Hope Ryan continues to get stronger. Welcome to CC. - Lisa

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    It is probably wise to avoid posting to much here about the legal proceedings against the driver. It can come back and bite you.

    I would just say that it is critical that your attorney get a very experienced and expert life-care planner to write up your husband's life-care plan. This is critical in order to get an appropriate and factually based settlement or judgement.


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    "The truth will set you free. But first, it will piss you off." -Gloria Steinem

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    Since the person who is at fault lives so near I can't blame you for wanting to move.
    I hated leaving our home, but the circumstances were much different.

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    I too read the letter. I also went to your website and looked through the whole thing. It was very moving and at times very graphic indeed. But I think that that sort of in your face graphic-ness needs to be shown.

    The girl that hit your husband will probably never take responsibility for what she has done, but she should be made to look at the pictures and the damages every day of her jail or probation if she is ever given any of either to serve.

    I wish you both well and hope his recovery is substantial. Best wishes to you all.
    Anything worth doing, is worth doing to excess

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    Welcome to CC, its a wonderful place.

    My son has a similar injury to your Ryan, he is a T4 Asia A Complete, he was injured 12/10/10 during surgery to correct a fluid leak. He walked into the hospital on 12/09 and now...well you know. His body is scarred looks very much like your hubby's, we spent 4 weeks in ICU including Christmas and New Years, (he was in so much pain on Christmas day we all sat in the ICU room with the lights out trying to be quiet) then 2 months in rehab, numerous hospitilizations due to UTI's and I am his caregiver. He is only 14 yrs old.

    I had started a non-profit leadership program at the local university before the injury. I had to drop out but have recently re-enrolled, my first class is tomorrow, I am taking it slowly.

    The surgeon and hospital staff that were involved in Robbie's injury have been caring, remorseful and supportive. I have found peace in that...I wish the same for you some day. Sounds like you are doing the right thing by moving. Please continue to post here, it is therapeutic.

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    Thanks everyone. I brought the letter to court on April 21 to give her/the judge/whoever so that she got it but that was the day they didn't show up. I'm now going to request that she read it in the courtroom but I don't know if that will happen. We also have a list of other ideas for consequences for her (the prosecutor suggested we give them our ideas). We'll see what happens. Please do share it with anybody if you think it might make them a more alert driver and take it more seriously.

    I'm not afraid of anything I say about the court matter. I haven't given anymore detail here than I posted in my online journal and it's all public record. Four lawyers have looked at our website and only had good things to say about it. If the driver and her family really want to know what we go through or what I think they can go read every word of my journal. I would love for them to do that. Ryan did nothing wrong, we have nothing to hide, and we aren't scared of the truth. We have a very good attorney who has already said he will get an expert to figure out the financial ramifications if it comes to that. He also agreed that in reality you can't put a price on stuff like this, though. I'm sure most members of this forum would agree with that.

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