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Thread: Husband is T3 Complete, closed head injury

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    Husband is T3 Complete, closed head injury

    Hi, just wanted to introduce myself. My name is Jodi (wife to Ryan-yeah, I'm not really creative with usernames). He was injured about 10 months ago in a motorcycle accident right outside of our subdivision. A 16 year old girl turned in front of him into her driveway and he didn't have time to stop or swerve. Her blood toxicology report showed marijuana in her system and she's being charged with a DUI causing serious injury, which is a Class D Felony (that will be pretty much erased once she turns 18 this December, though).

    Our kids and I watched the helicopter come for Ryan but we didn't know it was there for him. We can see the accident site from the back of our house. We thought we could handle it and planned to modify this house for his wheelchair, but have realized that we're not going to get over seeing that spot everyday. So now we are getting the house ready to sell and planning on building on a lot about 15 minutes from here.

    I was taking prerequisites for nursing school at the time of his accident and have put all the schooling off to be his full-time caregiver. He is getting a lot stronger and able to do a lot more for himself now, so I applied for the nursing program this fall and just found out yesterday that I got in. I'm still leary about trying it. I know how time-consuming and stressful it is for people with "normal" lives, but I'll give it a try and if I can't do it now then I can try again some other time.

    I'm grateful for all of the information on this site. SCI can be very overwhelming and this site has helped a lot. Thanks for that

    If you want to read more (or see gory pictures-there's your warning) about my husband's accident we have a website at:

    Have a great day!


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    Hi Jodi! Welcome to CC!

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    Hi Jodi, I spent some time last night looking at your web site and CaringBridge.
    What an ordeal your family has been through. Considering where Ryan started he looks good. Looking at the accident scene pictures takes my breath away.
    Your subdivision looks like a nice place to live. Have you decided for certain that you want to leave it? I can understand if it is too much to pass the scene daily.
    I hope you are able to get some help with Ryan's care. We are about 19 months post SCI and it was hard to accept how much I needed at first.
    You have a lovely family.

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    Jodi, welcome to Care Cure. It's a wonderful site -- a great place for information and encouragement.

    Congratulations on nursing school!

    Take care.
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    Welcome to CareCure! We hope you will find our site helpful and can also contribute to our forums. Also, congrats on getting into nursing school!

    Although most people at a T3 injury can eventually be totally independent in their own care, much of this will also depend upon the severity of his TBI and the residual deficits this may cause. I would urge you to consider not being his sole caregiver if at all possible. Are you pursuing legal action against the driver's insurance and parents in a personal injury suit? Does your husband's current insurance cover any PCA care?


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    Welcome to CC its an awesome site! I am a t3-4 complete injury & am living by myself and independent. It takes some time getting used to, but with the support of you & those cute little kids you two have I'm sure Ryan will be just fine. Keep pushing & don't ever let him give up!

    Just looked at some of your pictures..Did he get some return back? I see him standing at therapy. That is great if he did!
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    Very sorry to hear of your (and Ryan's) troubles.

    I consider this place a support group, a repository of vast experience, a place to come when you need to vent, and a place to tell of the little improvements that mean so much to all of us.

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    I'm so sorry to hear about Ryan's accident. We went through this in October. My husband has done many of my cares and it has brought us closer together. You have a beautiful family and I'm so glad that Ryan is doing better after so many horrific injuries.
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    I agree with KLD as his caregiver it is hard to intimate after time because of all the care you give. Is there anything you can do to get an aide?

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    Thanks everyone

    To try to respond to questions...

    It's not just that we have to drive past the accident spot - it's in plain site when we just try to sit on our deck to relax, or when we look out any of our back windows. And it's not just "the spot" but it's the house of the person who caused the accident, who never said sorry, and who gets to continue on with her life as normal. We realized that even after 20 years if someone new comes over, we'd probably take them outside to show them "there's where it happened" and we want to be able to let it go more than that, ya know? We are positive about moving. Pretty upsetting, but we're trying to look on the bright side of it and be excited and all that.

    Ryan is making lots of progress both physically and cognitively. I do see where he could be totally independent in the future, especially once we have a totally accessible house. He recently got “HIS” wheelchair (traded in the rental) and it's much narrower and has allowed him more freedom in the house, which is awesome! In the beginning I had to do everything for him, but there isn't much I have to do now in comparison. Neither of us see a need for an aide. He doesn't require that much help with care now (especially scheduled help) and maybe I am weird, but I don't have a problem with being both caregiver and wife. I can see how some people would, but we're both fine with the way we're doing it.

    The driver's insurance has accepted 100% responsibility for the accident but she was under-insured and we have filed a lawsuit against her and her parents. They have gotten her criminal hearing delayed twice now. The first time was to “reconstruct the accident” to try to prove she wasn't at fault. They did the reconstruction, but they couldn't prove she wasn't at fault. So when it was rescheduled they just didn't show up. If they don't show up for the next hearing, the prosecutor told us that she will be arrested.

    He hasn't gotten any functional return back. He has started recently feeling some type of deep pressure sensations in his bottom and lower back that he describes as “if you sit in one place for too long.” The pictures of Ryan standing are from just yesterday! If you look close, you can see that he is being supported a lot – pretty much the same places as a standing frame, but by people instead of a frame.

    Thank you for the warm welcome

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