I am new here and not sure I am in the right place. Please forgive me if I am not where I should be with this post. Hubby will be having back surgery in a couple of weeks. He was in a car accident while at work a few months back. Has been dealing with back pain ever since. 3 ruptured discs and pinched nerves. Docs have been treating his pain with minimal results. After voicing concerns about slow progress a Myelogram was completed and they discovered he also has a condition called lipomatosis from L2-S1. His Theacal Sac is very narrow. After the Myelogram, which for some reason required two injections of dye to obtain the images, his legs went numb for about 15 minutes after the test. He has had episodes of bladder and bowel control loss since the auto accident. The surgeon is going to remove the lipomatosis fatty tissue, and I assume this will help the ruptured/bulging discs and pinched nerves?? My hubby has been in so much pain since the accident. The doctor does not seem to be to concerned about the intermittant loss of bowel & bladder, said he would be more worried if it was constant? When explaining the frequency of intermittent episodes of loss of urine control, the doc said..."Either your incontinent or your not.",..and ordered him a sterroid. However, I am wondering if something is being missed or overlooked. A jolt from the accident makes sence,..something pinched,..irritated...swollen,..pressed upon, especially in light of his narrow canal. I am just trying to get my head around all of this and make sence of things. Perhaps surgery will remedy all of these issues. Does anyone know if there are any studies on Lipomatosis reoccurance rates/frequency?