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Thread: Happy Birthday Stormycoon

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    Happy Birthday Stormycoon

    Happy Birthday, enjoy your day
    For every minute you're angry you lose a second of happiness

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    Have a great day whatever you do!

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    Thnxs so much Ev-! !! Lets see biggest down poor weve had to start all day but I like listening to the rain, just strange 4 June but were in Oregon Coast so its typical.. Brother , his wife, niece, nephew came over with gifts and got a cake ice cream, nephew has sum kinda singing rehersal this afternoon, going to that and card had $50 bucks.. Casino time!! Got a kind of quarreling card though cause I play poker alot, online, so its was poker realated. It said youve made it to 30 , ante up for another year itd b a shame to fold now. Somethjing to that nature, cause Im six years in SCI and kinda was having suicidal tendencies , depression for lil while..I dont relate my feelings to them but perhaps they sense it?? Just strange. Thnxs though.. Much luv
    I am not your rolling wheels
    I am the highway
    I am not your carpet ride
    I am the sky
    I am not your blowing wind
    I am the lightning
    I am not your autumn moon
    I am the night, the night..

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    Happy Birthday SC

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