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Thread: Cough assist carry/travel case?

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    Cough assist carry/travel case?

    We recently began using a Respironics CoughAssist.
    I have been trying to find if there is a travel case that goes with it. The local DME dealer said they do not think there is such a thing.
    We also use a ROM Vest machine (chess percussion). It came with a luggage type case with wheels and handle to pull it.
    I am trying to find something on line.
    Does anyone else use one of these?

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    No, I have not seen a carrying case for the Cough Assist. I would guess it would be easiest to find a hard-sided suitcase that it would fit into and cut up some foam to make some custom padding. I would get a suitcase on wheels, and make sure it has enough room to also add additional tubing and filters so you can change out as needed when traveling.

    As far as I know, the only additional optional equipment is the rolling cart/stand that you can use for it in your home or patient room.

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    Thanks SCI nurse. I think that is the best we can come up with.
    We have a good rolling cart for at home, but are hoping to get away once in a while.

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