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Thread: Minnesota Hunt

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    Minnesota Hunt

    thought i'd post this info in case anyone is interested:

    "My name is Randy Sorensen and I want all BADF hunters to know about a whitetail hunt we do for people with disabilities in northern Minnesota. We are not an outfitter, we are a Center for Independent Living that has designed the hunt to assist people with new disabilities and youth with disabilities who want to get into hunting. We try to design the hunt so that people have a chance to visit with each other while still being able to access the bush. This will be our 15th year that we have offered the hunt. Any assistance in getting the word out would be appreciated. In the past we have had people with all types of disabilities including total blindness, complete quadriplegic, MD, CP, downs syndrome, and traumatic head injuries to mention a few. I can be reached at (800) 726-3692, or my cell (218) 779-7408."

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    Hey Chad, do you know this Randy Sorensen? The email address comes up as a yahoo ad. Thanks for posting!
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    for any young disabled hunters check out this web site.

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