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Thread: baclofen pump and nerve pain

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    baclofen pump and nerve pain

    I recently got a baclofen pump inserted. Since then my nerve pain as increased to a fairly excruciating level. Just wandering if this has happened to anyone else with a pump and if so what did they have to do to correct this problem. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    I had pretty significant pain before I got the pump in the first place. The baclofen helped and after awhile we started adding a few other drugs do it, including Dilaudid, a form of morphine but much stronger. It helped with the pain but constantly needed to be turned up so I eventually had it taken out. Now I have in their his baclofen and bibucaine. Without the bibucaine, my pain level would run on 8/10 but with it it sticks around a 6/10. I noticed a big difference if I ever have the pump turned down at all. The nerve pain may go down once the pain from the surgery subsides. Good luck with it. Check out my post Baclofen Pump FAQ. There is a whole lot of information there about people's experiences with it. I hope it helps you with your problems. It really helped me.
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    Thanks for the info rybread i go back to the doc tomorrow for an adjustment. i will def ask him about the bibucaine. my nerve pain was controlled at like a 3/10 before the pump and after the pump it was the same up in till bout 2 days after my first adjustment. my doc said he had never heard of it causing nerve pain nor had the lady from medtronic.

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    I am having baclofen pump and am thankful to god. i get no spasms and no more spasticity. pump would surely benefit you. may be u need some adjustment of dosage.i hv got no nerve pain bcos of pump.

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