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Thread: Shoe frustration!!!

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    Shoe frustration!!!

    Another summer... another frustrating search for summer shoes. The popularity of the flip-flop has been a huge inconvenience for me. I would love any suggestions on a shoe stylish enough not to look like my grandmothers but with enough support so that my ankles aren't swollen to the size of my calves.

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    Steve Madden has some REALLY cute sandals with straps. Plus, straps are

    totally in right now! check em' out good luck!

    Here are some:

    p.s. they have ones that don't have buckles, which I like and are easier to put

    on faster.
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    Thanks for the website. I definitely checked it out. I don't know if you have a similar problem, but since I'm not putting weight on my foot so many of the open toed shoes seemed too big in front regardless of the size. I'm assuming because my foot is not extending out due to the lack of weight. Another frustrating aspect.
    Thanks for the info.

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    i agree with sandals with an ankle strap...i had luck at payless and even has a huge selection
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    high top chuck taylors are always in style! i've got chucks in all shades of the rainbow and they r very comfy
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    I work out with a "walking" para in a chair that wears moldy old house slippers everywhere... I don't know if it's swelling or financial or what. I guess some people figure what's the point. As far as quad shoes go, I'm torn. I constantly window-shop for shoes and then look down at my over-sized unscathed bright white nikes or skateshoes and am like "fuck it", I own 4 pairs plus a dressy set of Steve Madden loafers for fancier occasions. I know how women are with shoes though - hell doesn't lorrie wear heels sometimes? Gotta love a woman that takes pride in her appearance but in a quads case functionality trumps keeping up with the jones'. I find shoe shopping online alot easier than in person due to the shoulder mileage, "let your fingers do the walking". Call for sizing and show up ready to splurge.

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    rolling, very nice site. thank you

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    Zappos has probably the biggest selection of shoes on the net.

    A great thing about Zappos is they offer free shipping on every pair of shoes and offer free shipping on any returns, no questions asked so long as the shoes aren't all scuffed up. This has been great for me because i'm incomplete and have hypersensitivity in my feet. Just the slightest bad fit with a pair of shoes causes pain. I've bought 6 pairs of shoes from Zappos, three of which i had to return and each time i just printed off a return label at no cost to me. Their customer service is the best i've ever come across.

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