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  • SCI-step, MASON OHIO

    5 45.45%
  • Kennedy krieger institute, BALTIMORE

    2 18.18%
  • Pressing on, TEXAS

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    2 18.18%
  • Rehabilitation institute of michigan(r.i.m), MICHIGAN

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Thread: What post-acute rehabilitation center do you consider best?

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    What post-acute rehabilitation center do you consider best?

    Please only answer if you know a little about these places, and not just what sounds best. Im not saying you need to be an expert, but it would be nice if you knew something about it and could give an argument.
    As i understand they all offer post-acute training. Im by the way 9 months post.
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    Consider G.F. Stronge in Vancouver Canada.

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    Consider Sister Kenny Institute in Minneapolis.

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    Do all of these place take vent patients?

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    G.F Strong does but I think the number of beds allocated to vent patients is only 4 or so. Not even sure they would take a out of country patient, they lost a fair number of beds when they built the research area. Utterly stupid to reduce a bed count that way. Ok I'm of my soapbox on that one.

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    Again, as discussed in previous threads, you are comparing apples and oranges unless you specify WHAT TYPE of rehabilitation program you are discussing.

    There are acute, comprehensive interdisciplinary ACUTE rehabilitation programs that will be either Model SCI Systems Centers, VA SCI Centers, or CARF accredited as a Spinal Cord System of Care. These are inpatient programs designed for those who are newly injured and which provide medical management, rehabilitation nursing, PT, OT, therapeutic recreation, rehabilitation psychology, social work and many other professional disciplines' services, usually including ventilator dependent programs.

    Then there are POST-ACUTE intensive exercise programs such as Project Walk, SCI-Step, etc. etc. etc. Most are not staffed with PTs and OTs, and it is rare that they offer medical care, nursing care or rehabilitation services, counseling services, therapeutic recreation. They are nearly all OUTPATIENT programs, designed for those who have already completed an inpatient acute rehabilitation program. They are not CARF accredited, and most are not affiliated with an acute rehabilitation center nor a Model SCI System Center.


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    It says in the title Post-Acute...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Snowman View Post
    It says in the title Post-Acute...
    Yes, because I edited to say that. It only stated "rehabilitation centers" previously.


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    well since no-one else has given an opinion, I'll start....I was at SCI-Step for about 3.5 months in '07-'08 and they are AWESOME!!! I am hoping to to go back up there in the near future...By the time I left after my time there I was walking up to half a mile(w/forearm crutches)...Unfortunately when I came home, I had a bunch of medical setbacks on top of eachother and I haven't been able to walk, much less do much exercise, period in the past year and a half strength balance and endurance have suffered tremendously since I've been home....but while I was there Matt & Michele(and the rest of the staff ) had me standing w/out support & I even took a few steps un-assisted...I'm looking forward to possibly getting up there and spending a couple months getting back in shape & working out intensely again....They are amazing & I can't say enough good about them...

    ETA: There is now a facility in Orlando(about 1.5hrs from me) that I believe is affiliated w/Project Walk and I'd rather go back up to SCI-Step in Ohio than go to the facility that is that close to me...
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    SCI-nurse. i dont really understand whaqt you mean. the centers i mentioned all have post acute rehab???

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