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Thread: Bowel accident clean up tip

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    Code Brown

    I'm a bit of a frugal bastard (having three college age kids). I've come up with a better solution. I've taken to wearing black underwear. The sh*t washes out and you can't see a brown stain. They last for years! (of course I can stand them up in a corner..)

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    lmao ok you got me there good one

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    The only advantage to my approach is I dont have to wash my crap in my washing machine

    BW how is your saturday going ? I am fixing on getting ready to go outside and find something to do but I seemed to have lost my mind so i'll probably go look for that first it couldnt have wandered too far from me ...

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    What I'm doing today

    I became a para in 2005, later in life, when I was 44, so I already had that ingrained need to attend to my household duties, mowing the yard, doing all the upkeep on our 120 year old Victorian.

    Since my climbing accident, we moved to a relatively modern long ranch house which requires minimal upkeep, so I busy my day by doing laundry or anything that improves my trunk strength.

    sorry, simple question, long complicated answer.

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    ˆˆˆˆˆˆˆˆˆˆˆˆˆˆneigh neigh ˆˆˆˆˆˆˆˆˆˆˆˆˆˆˆˆˆˆ

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    Neigh Neigh

    Good Horsie....let me fetch you an apple or carrot.

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    When I was exiled to Toronto for four years, I battled what turned out to be a fungal problem with the skin in my groin. Constant cracking of the skin. A dermatologist who specialized in treating Toronto's street people diagnosed the problem and, besides an antifungal, he prescribed wearing underwear. Problem solved.

    Quote Originally Posted by Patton57 View Post
    I'm sure this isn't a complete list for why quads might not wear underwear but here goes:

    - It's one more layer in getting dressed (time, energy, ...)
    - It's one more thing that can cause an occasional problem with a leg bag system
    - A lot of quads get dressed for the day once and have a hard time adjusting their clothes throughout the day (for example my pants can drop a few inches by the end of the day; underwear would complicate this even more and could be riding me in various ways if I do a lot of transfers)
    - when you have an accident it's one more layer you have to deal with
    - as a SCI individual you're probably sitting all day so is the support that underwear provides really that valuable?
    - for quads straddling the total independence line (in a multitude of ways) it's just easier to keep your life as simplified as possible and underwear can be just another unneccesary thing
    - quads are usually taught this in rehab

    Sorry Prerun, if I stepped in and answered a question that was intended for you.

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    As much as I hate it i use the Molicare pull ups and it works great. I do my bowel program in the mornings and will not get into bed without one. Discussed with my wife and she is ok with it, better that having to change the bedding if it happens

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    Van, I do have on-again off-again "crotch rot" from having my legs together more than a Catholic school girl.

    So I use an anti-fungal cream along with elevating and spreading my legs during the a porn star!

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    My bowel protocol

    I have a very active GI tract. Prior to my accident the nuclear regulatory agency would call me to synchronize their clocks with my sphincter.

    Using just past noon I feel a "delivery in the rear," so I'll slide into bed on my side and pluck it out with a gloved hand. This method saves me from the old smear routine, and the glove is then used for a fecal flotation device all tied up in a nice bow.

    Life has a tendency to uncomplicate itself overtime. Being a type A organization freak also helps.

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