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Thread: Where is Wise?

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    Where is Wise?

    I've lost track of Wise's schedule. Anyone know where he is and what he is attendning? He might be in China starting up the trial; would be nice, or he might come back from a conference with some good news.

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    dr.Wise is off to europe... Nor(w)ay i thinkkkkkkkkkk

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    He is in Jordanie I`think from 28 en 29 of Mey
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    Come on guys, Europe is Europe and Jordan is the Middle East. Either way, when he returns, looking for new news and forward moving.
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    I just got to Oslo yesterday late afternoon after spending four days in Jordan. I met with Dr. Adeeb Al Zoubi and Dr. Mohammed Jamous, and other doctors. The work that they are doing is impressive. They are completing a phase 1 trial and are going ahead with other trials. Dr. Al Zoubi is running a very good program where they are isolating bone marrow cells that are CD34+ and CD133+ for transplantation into the spinal cord. Dr. Jamous is transplanting the cells into the spinal cord, above and below the injury site. I will try to get back to Jordan in July to talk to them again.

    In Oslo, I will be meeting with doctors from the National Hospital (Rigshospitalet) and scientists from their stem cell centers. This will be our first meeting and they have expressed interest in starting clinical trials of spinal cord injury. I will of course do everything that I can to help them get such trials going. It is a short visit and, if there is interest, I suspect that I will be back again here in the coming months.


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    You are lucky, we had our first hot day this year in Oslo
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    Quote Originally Posted by woman from Europe View Post
    You are lucky, we had our first hot day this year in Oslo
    It is the most beautiful day! I am astonished by how late the sun set. It is past 2am and the sky is still light. We are staying at the patient's hotel at the National Hospital. Lots of young people sunning and smooching on the grass. Wise.

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    It is not getting darker at this time of the year. And the sunrise is in a couple of hours. I hope you enjoy Oslo, like everybody else I am proud of my city You are living not fare away from my son's school and I have been out until a few hours ago because of the nice weather.
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    I was surprised that the National Hospital is so far from the town center. The taxi ride meter indicated nearly 20 km. I thought thE Rigshospitalet would be in the middle of the city. I have not been here before but I remember meeting a doctor from this hospital in 1991. His name was Jan Svennevig and we met in a meeting at Tilney Hall in England. We became instant friends but we have not met since. He told me that he lives outside of Oslo on some mountain and his nearest neighbor was 5 miles away. I told him that I don't think that I have ever been any place where there was no human within 5 miles. Jan Svennevig is a thoracic surgeon who took care of trauma cases and gave his patients high dose methylprednisolone.

    When my wife and I landed in Oslo and took the airport train into town, we were struck by the amount of wood people here use for furniture and decoration. The airport floor was made of wood! It was particularly striking since we have spent the last four days in the desert country of Jordan where most floors were marble. The cumulus clouds in Oslo are the brightest, whitest, and fluffiest I have ever seen. Finally, the grass here is so short and perfect, they look artificial, almost painted. Remarkable and beautiful.


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    It was in the middle of the town a some years ago and it was very old. So they built a new one. The hospitals in the town are more than 100 years old.

    You can take the tram to the town from Rikshospitalet and down to the parade street, Karl Johan, and see the Parlament Building, the Palace, the new Opera and a lot of outside restaurants. The Vigelands Park is worth seeing and of course the Viking Ships but that is outside the town but it is possible to take a boat on the fjord from Aker Brygge in front of the city hall.

    I am living in the old part of town, only 10 minutes to wheel down to the Karl Johan street. Most buildings here are 120 years old. I am living much closer to the town than Rikshospitalet
    TH 12, 43 years post

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