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Thread: Can Am Spyder RS or RT for wheelchair passenger ?

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    Can Am Spyder RS or RT for wheelchair passenger ?


    Thought maybe someone would have some feedback or ideas for us. My long time BF and I really want a Spyder, and have looked at them many times. I am a T-10 Parapalegic and am looking to be the passenger and him the driver. We need advice I guess on which version would be the better choice, since their are modifications for the sport model we like, and since Jake would also be solo riding the Spyder as well and ultimately I think would prefer the sportier looking model.

    Any advice, opinions are appreciated. I have a Ti-Lite ZR for a wheelchair if that helps

    Nicole <3

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    go on and ask on there, as a para I would try to get on a RT at dealership but with all the stuff on it as a passenger it may be hard and no where to put your chair my chair is over the passenger seat. If you could afford it I would get one for yourself and for him because of the wheelchair. I have a t8 and I drive it everyday.
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    Thanks, we have posted there as well last night I dont want to drive the bike, kinda want to be the passenger. We sat in the RT then started doing some poking around looking at conversions for the RS for passenger ( corbin seat, etc..)

    Not worried about getting up on bike, luckily I'm small and he can lift me no issue.Just worried about sliding around on the back, falling off, etc... wheelchair we saw a mount where it hung off the back, and eventually the trailor as an option for longer rides.

    Plus one for me and one for him would be way out of our price range.


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