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Thread: Having Thoracic 6-7, 7-8 Anterior Discectomy & fusion- what to expect?

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    Having Thoracic 6-7, 7-8 Anterior Discectomy & fusion- what to expect?

    I am having Thoracic 6-7, 7-8 Anterior Discectomy & fusion surgery and am having a LOT of trouble finding any info online about it, or anyone else who has had it or something similar. I find a lot of "thoracic injuries are rare" & "thoracic surgeries are more risky" but not much info other than that!! I know that this surgery will involve an incision on the side, removing a rib, deflating a lung. I know what the surgeon says, but anyone have any 'real life' experiences to share?

    In my thoracic region, I have 'severe' spinal stenosis caused by herniated discs & an osteophyte that has grown from one vertebrae to another (making a bridge) & is pushing my spinal cord over. I was born with a small spinal canal, and that is not helping matters. The cord had been '20%' compressed and was considered 'moderate'. Now it is said to be 'severe' but no percentage was noted. (per MRI's & myelograms) Also have DDD, have some disc (vertebrae?) height loss and so on. It has gotten worse over the years, so time to take care of it before the damage is more permanent.

    Anyway, any insights you could share (about surgery, recovery, this type of 'injury/cord damage' or anything else) would be greatly appreciated.


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    I was fused via going thru the ribs 36 years ago. they took a rib and used it for the fusion, deflated my lung and moved the heart to fuse the vertebra. It's been so long since then that I forgot the rehab of it as I was newly injured anway. I really haven;t had any trouble with it and am glad they fused me rather than use rods or pins. No pain there other than the usual.

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    Thank you Patrick for replying. I still can find very, very little info online about this procedure. I have searched everywhere I know how to. Guess I will learn first hand!!

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