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Thread: SuperArm 2000 Lift with extras (CA) $1,500

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    SuperArm 2000 Lift with extras (CA) $1,500

    SuperArm 2000 Wheelchair Lift. This lift was removed from Class C motor home. The extra mount is for installation in a van (from 2001 Ford). I also have a van door closer and companion wheelchair which are included. Tie down sysem and 16X16 wheelchair also set up for the lift is available. I am located in central California.

    The SuperArm is simple to install and operate and very reliable. I switched from motorhome to toy hauler and when I sold the motorhome the purchaser was able-bodied and did not want the lift.


    See SuperArm Lift at

    Please PM me for more information.

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    Hey, Is this still available and if so where in central CA are you located?? Thanks!
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    I PM'd you with details. The lift is in Fresno, CA.

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    (Apologies, I registered under a wrong name.)

    Hello JBERRY, for our dutch website on stairlifts at I'm asking you for permission to use your picture for reference material on wheelchairs/lifts. Hope to hear from you. You can also e-mail me at paul AT

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    Please don't delete the post. The lift is still avialable. I am willing to put the lift on a pallet if the buyer can arrange shipment. Make me an offer.

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    Is the lift still available?

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