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    Welcome. Your frustration is well understood around here.

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    Sorry, but it's unlikely any dr. will understand or give correct or useful info. Atleast you've found this site from others that know this best.

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    Welcome Matt, sorry for your problems. I'm just make things worse for you, my CES was surgery induced, went in for fusion surgery after extensive history of back problems and they pinched the spinal column layed for three days then did corrective surgery. I'm in a chair now with back pain, can't stand up straight with braces because of pain, in rehab was standing and walking they the back went again. Take care of your back! it's your guide to a lifetime of whatever? Hope yours levels out for you, good luck.

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    Welcome Matt. Learn as much as you can from CC, it will help you when dealing with your problems. I think we've all had problems with different doctors not knowing enough.

    Never ignore loosing function. I've always found it means there's a problem somewhere and if you wait too long it can become permanant.

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    Thanks, guys. It is hard to believe how worthless doctors seem to be when you actually need them, at least for our unlucky lot. Although I am aware of how lucky I am at present. If things would stop deteriorating on me right now, I'd spend the rest of my life with a gleeful grin on my face, unphased by the now seemingly minor inconveniences that I currently face. Lexapro sure helps me cope with the fear. And maybe it will help me stay ahead of the pain for a while, if that beast cometh. I'm having some fun with words. If I've gained anything from my experience so far, it's the wisdom to enjoy every moment that I can, because I don't know what's coming. Everybody uses that cliche, but the folks here really know it. Unfortunately I've observed that for some, they may never have the chance to apply that wisdom. But most of you courageous lions still fight, every day. And I hope you all win some of those battles. I can see why some outsiders admire and maybe love CCC's members. I think I've passed the point of hoping to be an outsider, as the doctors have insisted I am. (Do they think I'd waste my time trying to sue? I have precious little to build a case on, and I barely even blame them for missing the early diagnosis on a very incomplete CES. I just want them to offer the little understanding they have to me now. But perhaps it's true that I've learned more than them. They are just men, doing their jobs so they can go home to their TVs (since their children likely hate them... hah!)).
    But thanks again for the welcome. I look forward to discussing my situation more. Lucy, I have made plenty of noise to many doctors, but I should probably seek another opinion anyways. Ouch was Oct '09. They say it's healing, and I think that's true as right ankle dorsiflexion has slowwwly improved. I believe the bladder can just show up late. Can still go, but it's getting weirder. Quite sure I'm retaining something like half.
    Fishin, some of your posts alarm me, since we have some similarities, but they've also been helpful, and no BS. Thanks.
    Man, what a long post! Looks like you've got another chatty Cathy on your hands.

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    I understand your frustrations with the docs.
    Hopefully getting another opinion will help.
    Chat away Cathy!

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