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    Well, I'm new and not too frickin happy about it. I'm really lucky with a very wimpy cauda injury. Don't even know if injury is the right word, docs don't acknowledge it. A couple did, in kind of a sideways way, but hell, I'm walking around, working the same job, cooking dinner at home, wife taking care of baby boy, I try to keep the girls from danger. Can still play with them pretty physically. Just have some pretty unnerving symptoms happening that I'm glad I can keep people from noticing.
    Big ol' disc at L5-S1, very incomplete cauda symptoms slowly showing up after acute phase- I think. Bad resolution MRI 11 days after the big ouch, showed no cauda compression, just thecal indent'n. But that cauda looked a little snug to me. Do they NOT look at MRI pictures with the patient all the time, or just when it has something kinda bad that they plan to ignore since it's really not something they want to attach their names to?
    Anyways, they say cauda is "unpredictable", which i fear means "we can't tell you how bad it will get or how long it will take... at all". But my docs say "don't worry, you're being stupid!" So it's hard to argue with that.
    Thanks to all for making this site work. I've picked up useful and frightening information here.
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