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Thread: Pants/Briefs question

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    Pants/Briefs question

    First, I want to say I've visited this board almost every day since my daughter's injury (T-10 inc) and alot of the information here has been most helpful in her recovery

    She mostly wears fleece pants (fortunately she already had a large collection of those ) and because her bowel/bladder routines are still a work in progress she wears disposable briefs (we refuse to use the word "diaper" ).

    She's having problems in routine transfers around the house and her physical therapy with her pants slipping down and her briefs being exposed. She's in high school and will be attending "summer school" to makeup for missed time so she can move on to 10th grade with her friends. I don't want her to feel ashamed she needs to wear them, but understandably she's self-consious and high school kids can be pretty cruel at times.

    I tried buying her xl underwear and putting them overtop but the briefs actually come up past the waistline. I haven't been able to find any with a "lowcut" and I'm not sure pants-with-a-belt is a practical solution. I'm probably being too overprotective but honestly I don't care, this really bothers her so it bothers me.

    Needless to say I'm out of ideas, so any suggestions would be appreciated!

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    Sarah is in the same situation. To cover them, she always wears a pair of basketball shorts under her pants or regular shorts under her basketball shorts. It takes more work to get both pair on, but it makes her more comfortable. She is also very self-conscious. She recently went from an indwelling cath to a surpapubic cath with the goal of getting rid of them for good!

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    I had the same problem and I have a bit of a solution you could try. I too have a suprapubic so maybe they can try these pants. I wear a lot of the yoga pants that have a tie string (careful not to tie too tight) but they seem to stay up pretty well, there is elastic, but i buy one size bigger so i can tie tighter without the elastic. Yoga pants are comfy too and easy to handle.

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    It's beyond time for jeans, especially for school. She can remove the pockets on the back with an inexpensive seam ripper so she is not sitting on the pocket fabric and stitches. That reduces the possibility of having skin problems. Also, jeans, given the nature of the fabric, do not slip as much as fleece.

    Wearing longer shirts (for example, a baby doll style in an a-line) can be flattering. The extra fabric can cover the jeans if they start to slip. She may also want to think about cute, colorful tank tops with an unbuttoned or buttoned only in the middle shirt worn over.

    Yoga pants can be a more attractive alternative to fleece pants for physical therapy. She may also want to explore tops which are longer to wear with the yoga pants for p/t.

    Since she is home, getting out of the fleece and into street clothes can have her feeling more herself.

    I refuse to wear sweatpants, even around the house. They are too "easy" and can become a way of life. If I did not want to wear them before for the very reasons I did not want to wear them then, why would I want to wear them as a fashion staple now?

    When I workout, I wear yoga pants. When I have returned for p/t over the years, I skip fleece.

    Bowel and bladder issues can be so tricky. Those are crazy important to address. Once she has a better handle on what works and does not for her body, she will have so much of her lfe returned to her.

    Good luck to her as she returns to school.

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    belt, belt, belt.. I have the same problem when I get out of the car

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    I find a cute wrap dress covers any number of issues, but I'm not in high school...

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    In rehab back in 1970 "they" told us to wear 'pull on' pants. At 16 I'd rather die. They had no prewashed, etc so I got younger sisters to break in jeans making sure they were extra long dragging on the floor.
    Try leotards when out to cover underwear. I still wore my bikini underwear. I had an indwelling cath and seven yrs later got a supra-pubic as I am a quad. Iwas then able to move out on my own. I could change it myself.
    I hated skirts. I fely my legs to thin and didn't want my leg bag to show. Still won't. I had to wear one to the prom and later as a brides maid. My mom made me pantaloons to cover the bag should my skirt blow up. Everyone will have different problems and needs.
    I wore depends things on planes 'just in case'. I remember wearing a big white shirt with 3 buttons and tied a scarf around the waist. I don't remember others but have flown over 50 times if not 100.
    Look into soft leather ballet, jazz boots and 2" flamcinco heels-no blisters and bend to fit your feet.
    tunic tops, blazers, safarhi jackets with belts underneath, lacy camosoles with snap crotches but jeans, jeans, jeans.
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    My daughter-even though she is only 6 is really embarassed when a nappy'diaper is in view. So much so that the only time she wears one is a swim nappy in the pool which we hope to get rid of soon and otherwise she wears a mini depends pad-she calls it a lady pad incase of accidents (which are very occasional) and leggings/jeggings which are all in style. Hopefully over time the bowel/bladder will get into a pattern and the worries will move onto less embarassing issues-how to wear Afo's and still wear funky footwear and clothes!. Our children don't take second best!.

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    ah i remember those days well. my mom tried to make me wear elastic waisted pants. drs said it was for "the best" they fell down while i was transfering and havent worn them since!

    jeans are perfectly fine. i only use the cloth belts with the d rings so they don't cut into me. i've never seen a seam ripper so i def will purchase one of them.

    i have this horrible issue of my right butt cheek always trying to pop out the top of my pants. longer style shirts have helped solve this problem. i do not wear a shirt that is less than 28 inches in length. forever21 has great cute styles that are affordable and they tell you the length of their tops. been shopping there for 5+yrs now and never had any issues. dont buy their pants, they lie lol. their pant sizes run 1 -2 sizes small. old navy cords are also a fav as they come in many colors and feel more relaxed than jeans. plus jeans will muffle the crinkling noise of a depends = less embarassing.
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    Jeggings strike me as a excellent idea if they are widely available. I had a pair back before they were called that-they were truly comfortable. That was when the pants were all v. low cut yet they stayed on.

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