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Thread: FDA Warns of Fracture Risk With Popular Heartburn Drugs

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    FDA Warns of Fracture Risk With Popular Heartburn Drugs

    FDA Warns of Fracture Risk With Popular Heartburn Drugs

    Blockbuster heartburn medications such as Prevacid, Prilosec and Nexium will now carry a warning on their labels linking the drugs to a heightened risk for fractures, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration announced late Tuesday.

    The label will advise consumers to use this class of medicines, called proton pump inhibitors (PPIs), carefully, because high doses have been associated with an increased risk of fractures of the hip, wrist and spine, the agency said.

    PPIs, which include prescription and over-the-counter drugs, work by blocking stomach acid from being produced. However, as with any drug, this benefit comes with some risk, the FDA said.
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    I had been taking Prilosec for a while. Maybe that made a fall into a complete spinal cord injury.

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    It is hard to say if the medication was the culprit of the fracture. I think that people forget that all medications (even aspirin or tylenol) come with risks as well as benefits.

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    I used to be on prescription for heart burn and then I read a article where it asked Dr.'s what they take for certain things, there was like 85% that said they would not take those PPI type of heart burn medicine and instead take Pepcid AC, Tums and such. I've been taking Pepcid AC ever since.

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