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Thread: In-Ground Pool Lift

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    In-Ground Pool Lift

    An in-ground pool lift in good condition.
    IGAT-180 purchased from aquatic access

    Located in NJ

    Asking $2000

    Easy to install and remove each season. Runs on garden hose.
    Contact me to see the pool lift.
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    Do you still have this available?

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    Yes, I still have it. Are you interested in it?

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    Yes , I am. We are putting in an above ground pool next year that will have a deck built around it, with a ramp up to the deck. I was thinking this would be a great lift for the pool if mounted on the deck next to the side of the pool. What do you think? It seems to me that it would be just like it was an inground pool as far as the lift is concerned. How old is the lift and how often did you use it? Did you find it convenient to get the hose or did you just leave the hose connected? We used that type of lift when I used to take my husband to a local public pool for therapy and it worked great.

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    I think it would work on the deck as you're describing the set-up. It is an in-ground model but it seems like it would work. I think you should check with Aquatic Access about installation on a wooden deck just so you know the correct procedure. You can get schematics on the site. I had it in cement and removed it each fall. They made a hole that it slid into.

    It's about ten years old. I bought it in '02 or '03. The vendor I bought it from is out of business but I contacted Aquatic Access to see if I can get the exact date. I only used it in the summer about once or twice week. I sent the serial # in a PM to you.

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    I think there would need to be some type of "box" built under the deck to hold the mounting cylinder in place.

    I have a different inground lift and like Nggun my cylinder is encased in a 12x12x8" block of cement. Remember there will be a ton of lateral force on the mount when the chair is occupied.
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    Thanks, that's good to know. Aquatic Access sent a spec sheet to help also.

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