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Thread: I need some alternative perspectives...

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    David and I have been married for 19 years, 4 1/2 of which I have been his caregiver. Our first Christmas together, it was Christmas eve and we were coming back home (we lived an hour away from our families) once we got close to home he pulled into the local mall. I asked what are you doing, it's Christmas eve and the mall will be packed...he told me to stay in the car he had to run into get me something, did I have any ideas for him. Needless to say, that was the last time I let him buy me anything for Christmas or whatever. I from that point on bought my own too. I also have a very pretty lilac bush the "kids" bought me for mothers day..haha, at least that's what I tell everyone else.

    Congrats on the 30th!

    Maybe for the 35th, have one of your friends help him plan something, that way you can give ideas but he will think it was all up to him and he just may get into it and really surprise you.

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    Not sure if this post is any good to you-but just another perspective. My parents had their 40th anniversary last week and i am not proud to say it but not one of us (4 children) remembered. Ok 2 of the family are men and they have always been reminded by us girls, but my sister is occupied with a one year old and trying to entertaining in-laws visiting and i have been pre-occupied with Noirin. My father even picked me and Noirin up from the airport after an orthotic review in the rehab hospital and had to tell me that the date was important and i really struggled to think why? Needless to say trying to make up for it big time but noirin promised to draw a card and that has made them happy-well at least on the surface. WE know we will all have to pull together and plan something special. Congratulations on being a caregiver so long. It is sad to say but i think i would really struggle if it was my husband was injured instead of my daughter- the resentment would get to me -you are definitelly a better person!but i know we don't know how will cope till it happens. Take care and wishing you and your husband continued happiness .

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    Just read through my post and really feel bad about mentioning resentment. I feel really disrespectful to your husband and i didn't mean to. It's probably more got to do with whats going on in my head!. A 6 year old is not the most appreciative every time you interfere with TV to do bowel/bladder stuff/stretches but its amazing how a good BM or good range of movement in hips/ankles rewards me-sad but true!

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