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Thread: cant sleep

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    when I got home from rehab it was the dead of winter and I had a hard time sleeping. I did not have alot of opportunity to exercise. I tied therabands to my bedroom door hinges and pulled on them every which way til I'd get tired. Long story short - exercise = sleep. FES doesn't count, the machine is doing the work.

    Now that it's summer I push alot, fresh air and sunshine keep you awake (no napping) and use up energy... I realize it's harder in a power chair, but I believe exercise of any type (even Wii) helps sleep patterns, moods, depression, appetite, etc.

    and only 2 starbucks a day! 8^]

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    I was really sick in ICU with pnuemonia when I first got injured. I was so use to breathing treatments & visits from respiratory therapy every four hours for weeks. When I moved across the street to rehab, I was cleared from these things but that caused great fear, they were a crutch. I woke up my 2nd morning, saw "the chair" & instantly became unable to breathe. I demanded resp. therapy as I just "knew" I was sick again & waited while suffocating for nearly an hour. After a check she informed me it was just a panic attack.

    Now before the tv is even off, I take a mg of xanax to get me relaxed & sleepy before I attempt the silence & darkness.

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    Quad79, I still can't do the silence/darkness. I have bto turn TV low and fall asleep. And I'm afraid to take Xanax because it might lower my already low BP.

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