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Thread: Tired of the pain

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    Smile Tired of the pain

    Im in alot of pain and have to take all this medicine, and im tired of taking it!!

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    I can understand your pain, and what it can do to you. Even meds just mask the pain for a while till they wear off then you take more and you feel like a zombie... The best advice I can give you is to talk to your Doctor or nurse if the Dr, is not in. Bear with it...There are shots you can take in some cases sometimes not but you won't know till you tell teh Dr about it and chat about your options. I had pain so bad and so constant that it eventually took its toll and caused diarea, and even made me even more depreseed because I couldn't get rid of the constant pain that was robbing me all of the time. I had a shot of some sort put into my knee and it hurt like the blazes for about 3-4 days then I had some relief for a while. Eventually I was back in the hospital and they cleaned up the loose stuff in my knee adn I was recovering wehn I hurt my back. The back pain was the same type of constant pain that just wouldn't go away. Heat, cold, heat, cold, exercise, walking I was back to the same miserable self for a while same symptoms...I tried several meds till they found one that worked adn blocked most of the pain without making me sleep all the time, or worse yet staying awake adn feeling worse than drunk. The best thing you can do is to talk to your Dr. and be straight up honest about where it hurts and how it hurts when it hurts and what helps or whatever you can about the pain. I'm on enough meds now that I don't feel the constant pain level I use to and I'm not all weirded out on the meds. Still I can't run, jump or walk forever without paying for it but I know my limitations. For me that was the hardest part, learning that I wasn't a kid anymore and that pain took time to go away. The meds help and it just took visits and telling the Dr what I didn't lioke abotu each med till finally we stumbled upon what workes so great. Do tell the DR what is working and what isn't and give teh meds time to work and get use to them. I'm not a patient person when I feel pain and I hurt like crazy...I get angry and that isn't good at all. trying to be patient, do things that won't tax my system till I get use the the meds and now things are pretty well under control with pain unless I get stupid adn do something, Liek lifting or moving furniture around, then I pay the price and it is all on me till I recover and tell myself I just can't do that any more, I have to limit myself...very hard to keep this in mind cause I've always done things myself and don't like to ask for help. sometimes you just have to learn and just take it easy. Hope you find answers soon...

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    Quote Originally Posted by girlnpain24/7 View Post
    Im in alot of pain and have to take all this medicine, and im tired of taking it!!
    I am also in pain 24/7. I completely understand!! PM me anytime.

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    I will be starting prialt and will let u know. My hospital stay with a trial proved to be some fun w/ poor sideffects. You should be able to have the same trial on an inpaitient bases.
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    I missed the part about getting tired of taking the meds ALL the time...
    The option is still having a serious talk to your DR, You are the only one that KNOWS exactly how much pain you are in and how often you have to take the meds. I have meds for severe Cramps in my legs and feet, Muscle relaxers, but if I end up taking 2 of them I'm out, seriously out no waking me for 24 hours. IF I have a conversation and or take a glass of water or somethign I don't remember it. I know that IF I have to get up and go to the bathroom I'm worse than any drunk I have ever had. My muscles just won't work. IF I only take one pill I still have cramps in my feet and legs and I wake up with them but fall back to sleep. I remember them because my legs and feet hurt something fierce when I wake up for good. I finally ended up putting a heavy blanket on the foot of my bed, cause I can't wear socks to bed as they bother me to much, and it keeps my feet warmer even sweaty but I tend to sleep without the cramps so mcuh...I still get them but I can get to the bathtub and get the warm/hot water running while I set on the edge of the tub. My DR has tried somethign else I don't remember what it was but we quit that and now I'm taking an Iron supplement and it hasn't done the cramping situation any good so I'll be back in to see him this week for somethign else. It is very frustrating to take pills ALL the time! I know how you feel! I have to take them for PTSD and Depression and when I don't I go through withdraw symptoims after a coupel days. I DON"T like taking meds and being Wasted or sleeping all day long. I don't like spending all teh money on pills...Arghhh IT is a NESSARY EVIL that I take them...I just have to keep finding a chnage till I get the right ones for my cramps... MY DR is trying as long as I am trying to resolve my isssue with the cramps. Frustration is just that and I am resolved to taking pills. I am fortunate to have a wife that is very stubborn and KNOWS that I have to take them. I don't get my coffee now unless I take them, and at night I can stay up all night long but she won't go to sleep or come to bed until I take them. Find a way to MAKE yourself take them, and make absolutely sure you talk to yur DR about taking them and perhaps why each one is necessary. You can ALWAYS reach out to us on the FORUM and akd us to reply, to vent your frustration, and we know what it is that you are going through... Finding a friend, sibling, loved one to call or to talk to and maybe even a support group so you don't feel like you are alone in this type of situation ...
    Pills are not cheap and they are a pain toi have to take ALL of the darn time each day and in my case morning and night ... We understand and you are not alone. finding someone close is part of the solution though and making yourself take them is only going to help not hurt you. it's tough to have to do thios on your own and be the one independant if you have to...I know I don't like my wife feeling bad IF I don't take them and I know that it will hurt her IF I refuse...

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