Study Shows Promising Potential for Spinal Cord Injury Treatment
May 21, 2010

A recent study showed promising results for treating acute spinal cord injuries with mild hypothermia. The Missouri State Senate just passed a bill to increase grants available for similar research.

May 21, 2010 /24-7PressRelease/ -- This past March, a study was published that showed promising results for the use of mild hypothermia in the initial treatment of acute spinal cord injuries. The treatment requires lowering the core body temperature of the spinal cord injury victim in an attempt to decrease swelling in the spinal cord as well as decrease the metabolism rate of the spinal cord cells, thereby minimizing the potential for secondary damage after the initial spinal cord injury.

The study included 14 people who had suffered serious cervical spinal cord injuries. The results of the study showed that the patients receiving mild hypothermia treatments had improved outcomes over those in the control group with similar injuries who did not receive the treatment.