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Thread: Play with sons

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    Play with sons

    I have a friend who is C5 SCI, he is a father of 3 kids, 17, 15 and 8 years old, and he want to adquire some toys, or games, wich he and his sons can share together with his level of injury, he have som biceps and shoulder... he uses the dragon program to use the pc..
    Any suggestions?


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    Lego is always fun. I've built some pretty cool sets with my boys. My favourite is a 1200 piece Imperial Walker from Star Wars. Link

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    In my younger years, I did legos with my mouthstick. However, I tried it recently and didn't remember that it hurt pounding them on.
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    Magnetix are great and a lot easier to use than lego for sci's. If they like building stuff it's the way to go.

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    Do they play any sports? Coaching, either formally or informally, is an option.

    Are they involved in Scouts or 4-H? Parents can do a lot with these groups too.

    How about taking up sailing? There is no reason he cannot sail if you can find a program near you. Martin 16s are a great boat for both him and the kids.

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    Playstation EyeToy

    Hours of fun (and a bit of a shoulder workout) even for a quad
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