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Thread: pregnancy without antibiotics

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    pregnancy without antibiotics

    Hello. I am new to the forum, I find much of the information very useful.

    I am 4 years post injury and married. We are thinking of having a child. My OB says that I will have to take a low dose antibiotic for pregnancy because my urine bacteria count is usually 10 to the 8.

    I have an indwelling catheter and she says urine bacteria counts above 10 to the 6 (1 000 000) must be treated with antibiotics. I am very against taking them unless I absolutly have to.

    Any thoughts.. any mom's have this problem.

    I'd appreciate any help.

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    I've had 2 pregnancies post SCI.
    The first I was on low dose macrobid the whole time and also fough infections the whole time, nessitated a PICC line and IV antibiotics and weekly visits with an infectious disease doc. Some scary antibiotics and scary side effects meant weekly blood draws etc. My first daughter is now nearly 7 and perfectly healthy and smart and beautiful.
    My second pregnancy I didn't treat the 'infections' at all unless they were symptomatic (different doctors) and that was fine until 34-5 weeks when I was admitted to the hospital for IV antibiotics and monitoring as the babies heart was racing. She was born at 37 weeks and is now a perfectly healthy 2 year old.

    It is scary....gotta trust your doctors and your instincts.

    Any other questions just ask - I've had two children and they are soooooo worth it!
    Emily, C-8 sensory incomplete mom to a 8 year old and a preschooler. TEN! years post.

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    Thanks for the info.

    What was the reasoning for just treating the UTIs only when symptomatic? Do you have an indwelling catheter as well?

    See I don't have symptoms either but can having such a high bacteria count affect the baby?

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    Well ... I got a UTI with both pregnancies -- it was detected at my first appointment, both times. I took antibiotics and then I was done and didnt get another UTI the rest of either PG .... So I guess I am not help.
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    I didn't have any infections under my first pregnancy. I had my first ones under the second pregancy and contiued after and after the third one I have had a lot of them. I was taking antibiotics but I did not any special follow up under the preganancies. I was going to a midwife like everybody else and saw a doctor twice.

    I still have a lot of UTI and don't understand how I can get rid of them.
    TH 12, 43 years post

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    My first pregnancy I had an indwelling catheter the whole time - psuedonomas was the bacteria that I had to fight that time. I was living in a major city with a high risk OB/GYN etc.
    Second pregnancy I cathed through my mitrofanoff until about 6 months along then switched to indwelling. That precancy I lived in a small town, had a family doctor only until 28 weeks when I saw the OB/GYN and urologist.
    I think the reason they treat UTI's is that the bladder can get irritible and iritate your uterus causing pre-term labour.
    I'd talk to your doctor if I were you, maybe involve a urologist if you can andv develop a plan you are comfortable with.
    Emily, C-8 sensory incomplete mom to a 8 year old and a preschooler. TEN! years post.

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    Hello. I am a para and about 5 months pregnant. I have been on a low dose, low risk antibiotic that I was asked to start last month daily. Since we have such high risks for uti's my doctor was more comfortable keeping me on it for the duration versus getting them and then treating it. I was also told (like Emi2) a uti can irritate the uterus and cause pre-term labor. I know taking medications during pregnancy is scary and never "truely" safe, but for me the pre-term risk was something I didnt want to mess with. Speaking with a few doctors about the situation will help you decide on whats best. Thats what I did =) Good Luck!

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    I had only 2 UTIs with my 1st pregnancy, but this time I have had some trouble. I somehow contracted one of the few infections that cannot be treated with oral antibiotics, so I had to have a PICC line and did 7 days of IV antibiotics, which killed the infection. It really wasn't a big deal, other than attempting to care for a very curious 19 month old with a tube hanging from my arm. ("Mommy...whassat?!") Anyway, now I am on a low dose of Nitrofuentoin daily and it has been doing the trick.
    Candi - C5-7 (5/26/99) - Mom to Carter (10/29/08) and Brooklyn (9/10/10)

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    I took nitrofurantin throughout my pregnancy (and continue to do so), had no infections, and no problems. There are enough stresses through pregnancy, a UTI is not one you want to have. I don't know of any risks with this medication. I do know that UTI's and just stress alone are risks! Good luck!

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