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Thread: Are We Hexed?

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    Are We Hexed?

    This past week has been awful for us. I have hesitated to post anything about all of it since I don't want to complain but then thought that I did need to get it all out.

    To begin with, my son got behind on his car payments since he lost his job. On Tuesday, the dealer came looking for him and left his nummber for my son to call him. Nick got home later in the evening from fixing a friend's puter and I gave it to him. He left to go and get some power steering fluid and was stopped by the police. The car he was driving didn't have new liability insurance so he got a ticket. In the process of having his license checked, the officer found that he also had a warrant for a ticket for speeding and no liability. He arrested him. Nick stayed there for two days. Thankfully, he now doesn't have to pay it anymore.

    Then on Friday, he and his gf were going to get a loan for the owed back payments when they ended having an accident on the freeway. She was driving and ran into another car that was stopped and had no stop lights. She has no license, no liability and ended being hospitalized. She had a huge bruise where the seat belt dug into her body. She was given two tickets for the accident. The car, we believe, was totalled. The good part was that the car was not the one he is paying for and that Nick wasn't hurt. It was her dad's car, though. Thankfully Isis was not with them in the car, Thank God. Whew!!

    Now she is waiting for the damages and insurance company from the other driver to come in. Man, this has really been a nightmarish week. Now, we are just hoping nothing else happens to add to it all.

    This is the car and how it was left afterwards.


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    Ahhh, Raven, what a terrible week. I guess when everything sucks, you have nowhere to go but up right? I'm sorry for all the bad things that have happened to your family and hope things start going better soon. On the plus side, at least no one was seriously injured.



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    Aw, God, Raven-sometimes it just keeps coming. I'm sure sorry. Just in case misery loves company, it's pretty much the same in Oklahoma. I hope you and your family stick together and help each other.

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    And us quads can talk about the past and laugh"-Professirx

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    I sure know how you feel, when it rains, it pours! Hang in there!

    Linda H.

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    Glad they survived and didnt hafta join the club.

    Dont feel bad since my sci 2 years ago if it could go wrong it did and still is here and there. I finnaly just said F it and dont let anything suprise or bother me now. One day at a time and damm thats sum good chicken.

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    Hi Raven: If this was a movie, it should be rated WWTEE (When Will This Ever End?) Glad no one was injured.


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    Thanks all for listening to me vent and for your good wishes. I was waiting to see if things were better this week and it seems that it got a bit better. All I needed was to give it all time. You all reminded me of what life is. Ever changing .. and like Willie Nelson's song lyrics .. "Nothing lasts forever".

    Sorry about the problems in your area Bethy. Hope things get better for you also. Just hang on in there. I am sure it will change, it did for me, therefore it will for you.

    I am so ever thankful that they were not seriously hurt and as KingofOkeefe said, none of them joined the club. That would have been so painful for all of us as their family that love them. We are very glad Paul.

    No kidding Paul, at times it feels like that. Glad tho that there are friends as you and the rest here.

    And no, we were not hexed, I was j/k since I don't believe it that. It is just life.

    Thank you all again.


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