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Thread: New Jersey State to Cut Spinal Cord Injury Research Funds

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    Shortly: IT STINKS! Unfortunately Ox, the only way you can hurt bozos like this is by hitting them in the electoral stakes. If sufficient New Jersey citizens think it stinks as well, then we may get somewhere.

    All SCIs could take some kind of action along the lines of civil disobedience, but they would would be clobbered as being unlawful. Yes the Governor did conveniently stamp on previous legislature. This only goes to show that real democracy is more a concept than a fact.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Foolish Old View Post
    I fail to see how these cuts create jobs.

    I too was very disturbed by Governor Christie's raid of the spinal cord injury, brain injury, and autism research funds. The money from these funds were collected from the $1 per traffic ticket. So, these funds were not collected from taxes and should not have been purloined by the governor calling for a state of emergency. The cuts left my Center, for example, with a $500,000 shortfall in funds last year and a reduction of jobs at the Center. It does not help create jobs and may help destroy jobs in the state.


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    Eric LeGrand visits Gov. Christi

    "I am proud to be the governor of a state that has produced a young man like this.''
    It would have been better if he had said he was proud to be the governor of a state that didn't cut spinal cord research funding that could benefit Eric.
    I'm not sure how he can even look Eric in the face.

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