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Thread: New here

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    New here

    Hi everyone. I have already posted in another thread but I would like to introduce myself to the forums. My name is Jenna I'm 25 years old and am a c6-7 quadriplegic. I was injured in May 2006 during a flag football game with friends. I collided with another friend and my neck broke. I currently live with my parents but I'm hoping to be living on my own sometime before my fiance gets out of the Air Force.

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    Hi Jenna, glad you found this site. It's the best for those with spinal cord injuries. Welcome to CC
    Please donate a dollar a day at
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    Quote Originally Posted by rdf View Post
    Hi Jenna, glad you found this site. It's the best for those with spinal cord injuries. Welcome to CC
    Thannks for the welcome

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    hi jenna! we're around the same age! wOOt! welcome, hope u enjoy your stay :P
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    Hello!! I'm Anna, a C5/6, hurt in '07. Nice to have more girls here

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    hi jenna, sorry. Who would ever imagine flag football though I knew someone who rolled out of bed and broke hers. I'm a quad injured at 16, on my own with no help at 19. welcome

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    Hi Jenna,Nice to meet you. My husband fell from a tree and broke his neck.

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    Welcome! Im Andrea
    BF broken neck c5/6
    Glad you found your way!!

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    WASABI. c5 incomplete here and i have not made a 'new here' thread of my own, so i guess immana jack yours. this site is awesome, you will always find me in the equipment threads because life would be horrible w/ out technology. 'we have 2 appriciate adaptive equipment.' so if you have cool toys, please post it.


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    Why hello there.

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