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Thread: I'm going to be a Dad!

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    For anyone out there debating whether or not to have children post SCI, do not let any physical limitation hold you back. It is so cool! Our daughter, (along with my wife and mother-in-law), safely arrived in the United States on the 18th of June. At first Allie did not want anything to do with anyone besides her mother or grandmother. I started to feel discouraged at first and now look back over last 10 days and see how ridiculous those thoughts were. I feel we are bonding very well and we play all kinds of little games together. She is adapting so well to the changes in her life and has opened up so much it's amazing. She is so smart and already knows how to pass things to me whether it's putting a toy on my hand or bring it to my lap so that I can have it. My wife's father flew down to stay with us last Friday and her parents will be leaving Florida together to go back to their home in New Mexico this Wednesday the 29th. That will be yet another change, but the three of us together alone as a family. That's when the bonding will get even better. My parents live nearby and we have a couple of friends who would lend a hand if we ever needed help with things.

    Here are some more pictures in a gallery that I will update as time goes by.

    If anyone has any questions or would like to know more about our situation please ask. We started the adoption process about a year ago after numerous failed fertility attempts. Long story short, we reached a point where we could spend several thousand dollars a pop on procedures where the success rate would still be less than favorable of achieving a successful pregnancy or consider adoption. We decided on the latter obviously and to go international. EVERYTHING included was just about $20,000. We now have a beautiful and healthy 17 month old daughter and we don't feel as if we have missed a thing. We feel it is such a small price for what we have in return and she is a perfect age.

    Anyway, that's the update! Thanks for all your kind replies.

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