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Thread: I'm going to be a Dad!

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    I'm going to be a Dad!

    My wife and I are adopting a 15-month-old little girl from China and we finally got our referral with pictures! My wife and mother-in-law should be going to China to get her sometime in June. I really wish I could go, but being a C5 quadriplegic in a power wheelchair would be extremely tough. Not to mention the flight which is over 20 hours and my care.

    I am now 34 and have been injured for almost 11 years. I too had some conflicting feelings about raising a child. Five years ago my wife and I were going to fertility doctors trying to get pregnant. She's wanted to be a mom since she was a kid. I worried if we had a son how that would be. My father was the biggest influence on me growing up. I worried about not being able to teach him the things my father taught me because I am unable to use my hands. After failed attempts to get pregnant we decided to adopt. When you adopt from China you are pretty much sure to get a girl. As time went by I started thinking about all the cool things I could do with a little girl. I started thinking about games and storytelling and how much I can offer her education wise. I realize my physical limitations will play a part, but we are just going to take things as they come.

    We know it's not going to be easy, but there are so many positives. She will have a lot of love and I figure the best thing I can do is to try to educate her and be there for her.

    We received pictures of her about a week ago and I can't explain the impact it's had on our lives already. We can't wait to bring her home. Here are the pictures of her, Alexandra. Isn't she adorable?

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    OMG! She is so adorable! I'm so happy for you! I'm sure you will love being a dad. Congratulations to you and your wife!

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    She is! She has a beautiful name also. Congrats!
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    congratulations she is beautiful i have 2 kids they make your world.

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    What a beautiful little girl, Robin. Congradulations! Enjoy every second of her and know that growing up with you will make her stronger, more compassionate and will open doors that you never thought of.

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    Congratulations!!! You will have very different feelings about everything once she is with you... She will become the center of the universe for you and everything will be plant accordingly. She is going to be the only thing that really matters... But enjoy it. The smiles and laughs and those tiny hugs are very rewarding!!!!

    Good luck to you and congrats again"

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    Wow, just wow! She's gorgeous, and so lucky to have a great dad waiting to welcome her home. Good job, Robin! Please keep us updated on her arrival.


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    Congrats - great news!

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    Congratuations Daddy, Alexandra is one special little girl...she is also going to be a "pistol" that picture with the pig tails says it all...Good luck and play plenty...

    Congrat's Mom and Dad, your gonna be in trouble now...he he he..

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    Congratulations to you and your wife. Wow. What a beautiful baby.

    My daughters were 10 and 12 when I was injured in 2000 (I'm c4/c5) I thought at first it would have been much easier had I not survived my accident (the whole "less of a burden" thought process). Gradually, though, we adjusted and learned how to be a faimily doing things in alternative ways. I can't run around on soccer fields coaching anymore or help create props and sew costumes for drumline (my Mom and sister, Theresa, fill in with the physical "Mom" stuff for me, for which I am grateful). But, I'm there for the important stuff--just to be able to listen and guide is tremendously important. Yes, it's hard not being able to do some things, but, what is, is.

    Best of luck. Enjoy your journey!


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