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Thread: Passages in Caregiving

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    Passages in Caregiving

    Has anyone read this book by Gail Sheehy? If so, is it worth buying?

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    I remember Passages, it was scarily on target imo. My mom owned it, I used to look up my age and discover I am but a cliche'.

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    I have heard positive and negative reviews. I have it on a waiting list at the library.
    I read there was an article in the AARP magazine that bothered some caregivers, but have not read it myself.
    Some of the criticisms were that she was wealthy enough to not have financial worries about getting respite help and she was able to take trips to rejuvinate herself. That is impossible for most of us. There are only 2 other people that can stay with Dave when I leave and no agency can come.
    I am not complaining by the way or trying to sound like a martyr.
    The good reviews say it covers emotional issues and stages.

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    my mom just ordered it off Amazon, I will keep you posted on her thoughts
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