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Thread: Summer Heat and Quads

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    Summer Heat and Quads

    Hi All-

    This is the first summer we face with my daughter's sci. She is currently at c6 level and I know I need to keep an eye out for overheating this summer.
    All winter she was running a little chillier than everyone else. Does this change in the summer? In other words, will she be cooler on an 80-degree day than the rest of us, the same, warmer? Is everyone different on this too?

    People mention squirt bottles to help mimick a "sweat." Do you spray where ever there is exposed skin or what?


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    with myself a c6/7 quad. i freeze and cant function all winter primarily. the spring is good except allergies. and the summer i usually stay out until i cant bare it, drink, go in AC room, pool, or just constantly need to pour water on my head and such if im out all day or its just getting too hot. splash some water. good luck hope i helped enjoy the summer.

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    I have a much harder time regulating temperature in the summer than I do the winter. I stay in shade and never travel without a thermos full of ice water. If it is ungodly hot I also take a couple of blue ice packs in a small insulated lunch carrier that can hang from the chair so that I can put them on my neck, chest, wherever it might help to cool me down.

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    if she cant sweat, she will be hotter...not careful out in the heat for long period....experiment..if shes out for say 1 hr in the heat-- go in side and take her temperture...see how her body is handling it....gotta learn what she can tolerate

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    Good suggestions. Whenever I get seriously over heated I have someone place a wet towel in the freezer for 10 - 15minutes and then have it placed on my bare torso. I used this technique last summer when Seattle was 103, works great!

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    My rehab doctor said I'm now a cold-blooded animal, like a snake. We take on the ambient temperature, which is rarely perfect. In the summer we get hotter, it is the pits. We are in serious danger of heatstroke. Also, once we get overheated it takes ages to cool off.

    Shade-umbrellas-squirt bottles-cooling vests-fans-wet towels-wet bandanas for the neck. If it's over 95, stay in the AC!

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    yes somewhat cold blooded animals now, thats what i say too

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    I find it really varies depending on the temperature and wind. If it's below 75, I usually wear a sweater or light jacket. 75-80 I can be outside doing pretty much as I want in short sleeves. 80-85 I can still be outside, but I try to stick to the shade. 85-90 I can be outside in the shade for a while, but need AC to cool off after. Above 90 and I go out as little as possible. Curiously, I can tell how I'm doing by touching my ears. They feel warm or cool to the touch long before I am otherwise aware of it.

    "Blessed are the pessimists, for they hath made backups." Exasperated 20:12

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    This is all very helpful, thanks all.

    I'll just figure on a 85+ day to keep her in AC or in the pool, river or lake. (This is what she did pre-sci anyway, ha!) I'll also keep a washcloth in her bag so I can wet it when we get caught out in the heat waiting for a train or something. I just bought her a sunhat today too but she just entered her teen years so it may not be in her taste.

    I worry about her having too many layers on...she has become attached to her binder as her belly starts to creep out, she loves to layer her tops, wear skater shoes, etc. so we have to work on that too.

    Friday night we head to a Twins game and I think the temp is set to be around 80 but by gametime that will have cooled down a bit. BTW, they did an awesome job with the accessible seating at the new Twins ballpark...the sightlines are crazy good, easy to get to and plenty of spots. For more info, story here:

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    Hello! We are from MN too, 200 miles north of your area. The new ball park looks beautiful. I get the Mpls paper and read the article. I hope they win when you go.
    I am confused about summer heat too. My husband was so cold all winter. It has finally warmed up the last few days and he still wants his sweatshirt and wool Carhartt hat on. He says he is not cold now, but wants his head gets cold since he is bald.

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