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Thread: Summer Heat and Quads

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    Quote Originally Posted by fuentejps View Post
    no ac, wtf
    I had ac in my last appt butthe window units don't fit in this place. Plus they're energy hogs. With the fans and windows open I get a nice air current going through the house.

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    Honey, I was born for porn! I just need a willing participant because it ain't a one man show!
    i thought this guy looked like you. gimp porn rep
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    Quote Originally Posted by fuentejps View Post
    i thought this guy looked like you. gimp porn
    Yeah some guy pointed that out to me last year in R&S. We have the same blue Ikea duvet.

    eta I have a doo-rag under my hat out side.
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    Wink Staying cool

    I have been using these cool Bandana Coolers from the Vermont Country Store for years. They work awesome. I keep a couple filled with water in a ice cold cooler and keep swapping them. A little pricey but can be a lifesaver!

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    Quote Originally Posted by christopher View Post
    Video I made this morning about heat management.
    Good video. I like the still frame, an ice pack on your balls and your hands down your pants, only in quadville.

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    Agreed artificial sweat is crucial and well covered. While drinking excessive amounts of fluids may not be needed because the skin is not sweating and doing so can contribute to swollen ankles etc... Please remember that fluids are still being lost to the evaporative process of breathing, especially in dry, arid climates so drinking some cooling fluids remains necessary.

    We don't think about it in the heat of summer, but in the freezing cold of winter we can "see" our breath as we exhale...that is frozen evaporative water from our bodies
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    ..not sure if it's been mentioned but a MistyMate: works well.

    Also, I used to take washcloths, soak them, put them in the freezer in a horseshoe shape, then, once frozen, wear one around your neck until it melts. Usually lasts 45mins or so but it will really cool you off.

    Ice packs, used for athletic injuries are great and you can by headbands with hydrated polymer beads that react under warm water and squeezing, then become cold:

    Good luck, Chris

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    If you didn't see my other thread, try this. lick to open in Word.

    I've compiled a list of most things I found in other threads I found on the subject and a few search resultS of my own. Try a CC search on "cooling products" or "cooling vests" to find the original threads if you want to know from whom the idea came. It is far from comprehensive; if you do a google search on "personal cooling products" you will find many others.

    The list is in Word because I made it for a friend; beware the effects of bullets if you paste the links.

    Shop- personal cooling products.doc

    Note there is one in there that has products specifically for pets. A web search will reveal more. Others I've found are the ones below, which may already be in the list.

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