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Thread: skate party? i'm there

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    skate party? i'm there

    why would you go to a skate party and not put on skates?

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    You are so crazy!! I did not even have to look at the picture to know that you were going to have skates on. Isn't four wheels enough? Your nephew is too cute. Looks like he takes after his uncle Jeff!!

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    thx kristy. i knew u would figure out where i was going w/ the title. gotta' laugh and enjoy, no matter what.

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    That is so funny!!!!
    I take my kids skating once a month. I'll put some on next time...they'll flip-out over that!!!!! Thanks for the idea!

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    Your'e a hoot!

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    I think you might have better luck with rollerblades.

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    And us quads can talk about the past and laugh"-Professirx

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    I love it! That's freaking awesome


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    thanks for all the responses, gotta still try....

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    The best story i heard was a quad got bored, so he went into a sport store and askeed to try oon roller blades, as his feet kept fallinng off his foot rest. I guess the poor kid workin didnt know what to say or do.

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    wow. that makes me laugh


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