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Thread: Helping Mom Help Herself (Toileting)

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    My mother only wears dresses and instead of underware, she wears briefs that attach at the sides with elastic and buttons (just in case). This makes using a lift to get on/off the toilet very easy as the brief can be unbuttoned mid-air and swung out of the way. Because she also does intermittent cath (although dependent) we can recline her wheelchair to do this in her chair if she doesn't also need to get onto the toilet.

    Most people who can transfer themselves without a lift to the toilet then lean side to side to scoot down slacks and any underware they may use (many don't).


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    Just saw your post so this is a bit late. I have had to re-think and make changes to my toileting. I was wondering if you could help her into a commode chair while you are gone. She could wear an open back garment, such as a nice apron or a long skirt modified with an open back. Some of the commode chairs have padded seats, so it may be comfortable enough for a few hours of sitting.

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    She needs to be in a motorized wheelchair to move around, so I am not sure that would work.

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    I would never recommend leaving someone on a toilet or commode seat (even padded) for long hours daily. It is a good way to get a horrendous toilet seat shaped pressure ulcer (yes, I have seen them!!).


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    UPDATE: Talked to the BHM Medical rep today. He basically said he could not in good conscience sell me a lift that someone would use to transport themselves because it is not what the manufacturer wants, and is not safe.

    I told him that I know people on this forum are doing such a thing, and was not being "sold" on the idea by salespeople, but he insisted it was not safe.

    So, I ask again ... is this really possible, or am I wasting my time even looking into this as a possibility?

    So far the 2 reps who I thought would be throwing themselves at me don't seem to think it is possible.

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    I can't speak for other people so can't answer your question. My husband can only shrug his shoulders, no movement below that. I or an aide do his entire transfers.
    I would be frustrated if I were you too.

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    I feel your frustation. However I just went back are re-read this whole thread. The urologist says there was no other option for your mother but a supra pubic cath. she completely emptying her bladder? If not, nothing will work but to cath her. I hate to sound so blunt but there had to be a reason he said that. If she is not emptying her bladder there are several other medical emergencies that could occur. Onward with the being blunt, but isn't ALS (which I really don't know to much about) a progressive disease as well? In this case you need to look at what is the cheaper and best method for all of you not just mom. Mom really needs to understand this. We had the Hoyer lift which worked fine for my husband, but it was still back breaking work for myself. With his MS I knew I would be caring for him for a very long time and we are only in our 40's. So I searched and searched for a ceiling lift, finally finding one at SilverCreek. They shipped it to me and myself and my dad installed it. We do have 4x6 rafters so that was easy enough. Plus we went with a simple straight beam, no curves or going thru doorways. David was never on board with the whole bowel program either but it has saved us numerous problems. We had aides come in help him up, get him dressed, etc. etc. but now I dress him of an evening and put the sling under him, either himself or our daughter can get him up with the ceiling lift, every three days we do the bowel program, completely cleans out his system so there is no accidents during the day, enableing him to be by himself and I don't have to worry about him being dirty and getting sores all day. Every three weeks, I change is supra pubic cath. So much easier and private. If she has some hand/arm movement you could just lay her down in bed, roll her on her side, keep a towel over her bottom, she could insert the supposetory, roll her back to her back side, lift her to the commode chair and let the bowel program work, come back, lift her up, I use baby wipes to clean David afterwards and be done. The Suprapubic just empty the leg bag or bed bag, she stays dry and clean. Sorry for ratteling on and on, I hope this helps you understand somewhat.

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    Sorry it has been so long since I have replied back to this post.

    The good/bad news is that nothing has changed! I guess that is all bad news, actually.

    The thing that brought me back was another "fight" with mom this weekend, and knowing that I need to get myself back on track with this. It is very frustrating when you have 100 different ways to go, and none of them really work. It just makes you want to give up. Or just keep dealing with being miserbale because it is easier.

    Anyway, the Guldmann rep was the only one willing to give it a shot, but it's been 3 months and we haven't seen him back at the house. He has been "busy". I am giving him an ultimatum of next Friday before moving on elsewhere.

    I am also going to try and since some sort of medical professionals that can come in, evaluate the situation, and make "on-site" type recommendations. As many people in this thread have said, there has to be a better way.

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    Hi YBill, I was wondering how you were getting along.
    It must be frustrating trying to help your mom and having her fight about it.

    There does have to be a better way. Hang in there.

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    UPDATE: OK, I have been going through all the normal channels, and the feedback I am getting is that

    a) almost no one has even heard of a bowel program and
    b) the ones that have say it is only for SCI patients, and since mom still has sensation, it might do more harm than good

    Would love to hear any thoughts you guys have on this.

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