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    That is such a cute story! Even if I did decide to have children I Know I dont want to carry my own, I am going to have to look into that option a little further.

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    You won't be cheating your kid by not being able to do all the things you'd like to with him/her, but you will be cheating yourself if you want kids & don't have them soley because of SCI. There are a lot of people out there I would say shouldn't have kids, because they're too self-centered to be really good parents, but SCI does not keep you from being a good parent. I'm AB with a severe vision impairment, my husband is 9 yrs post c6/7, our son is 5 mos. I know there will be tough days (already are)...some of them related to SCI and vision others just related to parenting being challenging in & of itself. I know my husband struggles with knowing he won't physically be able to teach Travis many things or being right there in the mix, but he is a great explainer & is committed to being as involved as possible. Right now, I'm more involved than my husband partially because I'm the mom, though we have gotten creative in finding ways for him to help. Travis is still very young, but I'm sure by the nature of kids that he'll be far less concerned with what his dad & I can't do with him than we are.

    As for adaptations, I think my husband has posted pics of the crib we modified. Like Shannon, we made a "stork bag" for picking him up off the floor. My mom sewed a nylon strap on either side of a piece of flannel running from head to toe creating big loops. Since my husband doesn't have much grip, he just puts his arm through the loops & lifts it that way. That's also how he gets Travis in & out of the car seat, swing, etc. We've also had some concerns about crawling/running away, but I'm sure we'll come up with something...that time is fastly approaching.
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