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Thread: SCI, Pregnancy & Meds/BP

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    SCI, Pregnancy & Meds/BP


    My fiance and I have been discussing the possibility of trying to start a family soon after we are married. I've been trying to find information, but there isn't much out there. I looked at the link provided in other threads, but they are not too helpful.

    My concern is that I am on baclofen and ditropan. What effects do these meds have during pregnancy? Also, I was told that using suppositories were not healthy and could cause pre-mature contractions. Is this true?

    I would like all the information beforehand so that I know what to do when the time comes. Thanks!

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    You need to find yourself a good OB/GYN and have a pre-conseption visit. You will need to get a check up, make a list of questions, they will tell you how to prepare for conseption and give you tips if you need them. Its also a good time to interview the doctor to see if you like them enough to have them deliver your baby. At that visit the doctor should be able to answer these questions. If you have a rehab center, call them and ask for might be important to get one with SCI background.

  3. #3 is a good sute to check drug interaction with pregnancy. I used regular bisacodyl suppositories throughout my pregnancy. I agree to go for a pre-natal appointment and also get a urodynamics and any other routine xrays.

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