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    Hand controls

    How does one get hand controls installed into their car? I have been using portable hand controls for almost 2 years now. I have seen many pictures of installed hand controls in cars and it looks way easier and more confortable to use than portable controls. I plan on getting a new car soon before I transfer to another college and I hope to get controls installed in my car rather than using portable controls all the time....
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    Most car dealers know at least one shop that does adaptive equipment in their area. If they don't, contact your local Independent Living Center or PVA (Paralyzed Vetrans of America) chapter and they should be able to give you some good information.

    There is usually at least one shop or business around that does adaptive equipment, like hand controls and lifts, for cars. Total conversions like would be done on vans are a bit more involved and there would be fewer shops that would offer those adaptations.

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    You might want to check with this place in Georgia Not sure how far this place is from Blacksheer.

    Yes you are right, the permanent install controls are much more comfortable and more safe than the portables.

    If that place I found is too far away from you maybe they can refer you to a closer place. Generally install and controls your looking at $750.00 to $1000.00 depending on which type of controls you choose. I use Suregrips and really like them.
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    Hand controls

    I've been using Wells-Engberg. They make some custom controls for popular models of vans and cars. I recently switched from forward to brake - down to accelerate to forward to brake - twist grip accelerate. Every once in awhile, I'd be accelerating, and someone in front of me would stop suddenly, and when I braked hard, it wasn't intuitive to raise my hand upward to decelerate at the same time, and the brakes don't work well when you don't let off on the gas.

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    Hey KP rollin,

    Call Joe Butler at Quail Country Customs. They have offices in Byron and Albany, GA. The number is 229-432-7258. They are good folks and can do whatever you need done.
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    By the way... I agree with Curt that the Sure-Grips are the way to go.
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