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Thread: Diaper Smell

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    Diaper Smell

    I am a young adult male wearing diapers. My girlfriend and I have had the discussion about this multiple times and I am looking for any ideas.

    She mentions that sometimes, during intimacy, that it smells from the diaper. What are good ways to avoid this or help cure the smell briefly? Will just washing it with soap and water be alright?

    Sorry mods, if this is a sexual and relationship question.

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    Dan, have you recently explored other methods of bladder and bowel management that might enable you to ditch the adult briefs altogether? My understanding is that even with a lower motor neuron (flaccid) bowel and bladder, it can be possible to use other methods to manage incontinence (e.g. a suprapubic catheter, keeping the stool firm and doing frequent manual evacuation of the bowels).

    As for managing the smell in the interim, if I were you I'd ask my GF to wait a few minutes for me to go wash up and change into a fresh brief when things started getting intimate. I'm sure she'd be willing to wait and would appreciate the effort you're making.

    Also, make sure that you're diligent about having clean, odor-free sheets on your bed at all times just in case it's not what you're wearing that she's picking up on.
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    I agree with HipCrip. With todays methods of bowel and bladder, there shouled be no reason to have to wear the briefs daily. (There may be occasions they are called for, uti, sick) It took me 6 years fo leakeing and wearing briefs before I found out about botox for the bladder. Since then I have no leaking. I would investigate a bit more into what options area available.

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    Try shaving your pubic area completely. I wear briefs daily not only because of incontinence issues but also because they provide protection for my tailbone area from the seams on my pants. When I keep things groomed it makes staying hygienic that much easier.

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    Why would you wear a diaper. rep
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    We do not know anything about your disability and why you need a diaper. Diapers are generally discouraged for spinal cord injured persons because moisture buildup can contribute to development of pressure sores.
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    A guy friend of mine sometimes puts a kotex down there for leakage and then other times he cuts a chuk (spelling) to the size he needs because of the plastic won't leak through.
    I would suggest that you clean up before you start flirting around so you will be clean.
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    i have spina bifida, l3/l4 and have always had bladder leaking, grown up wearing diapers my whole life. I perform manual bowel evacuations every other day or so on my own.

    @medic1: do you like the botox for the bladder? i never knew about that, and im from pittsburgh where that was pioneered. i would definitely be interested in that if that would help me.

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    collagen injections are also used. so many options. r u on ditropan or any other of those type drugs? really no reason to wear a diaper.
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    Dan, I'll not put you down for wearing diapers. It is what you have always known. However, now that you are here you'll learn you have choices to manage your bladder and bowel.

    Try the search feature here at CC. You'll find thread after thread and countless posts about various ways to have control over your B and B. My guess is that if you give it a good, serious try, the diapers will be a method of the past.

    You might start with a good urologist experienced in bladder magaement for those of us with neuro probs and paralysis. There are neuro uros just for this purpose who should be able to help.

    With education and dedication on your part, you should be able to ditch the diapers.

    Glad you posted.

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