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Thread: Ever experienced hair loss with Baclofen?

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    Ever experienced hair loss with Baclofen?

    Just curious. I'm trying to figure out why my hair is falling out more than usual. Trying to find the cuplrit.
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    I also have hair loss, and it seems to get worse in the spring. If you don't have bald patches, don't worry too much. I think that we shed the excess hair in the spring just like other animals do?

    I have been on baclofen for a long time, and did not notice any extra hair loss when I first started taking it or since then. I'll have to check the literature that comes with the scripts and see if it is a possible contributor to hair loss.

    I know that this has been discussed before in relation to other drugs on this site.

    Hope you find your answer.
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    I do not notice.

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    No,I've never experienced hair loss. Just to throw it out there, it can be a side effect of using a Mirena IUD for birth control...just in case you do. Also, stress can trigger it too.

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    Are you sure your thyroid is working ok? I lost a lot of hair when I had hyperthyriosis.
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    Each of us has a couple of times each year that we "shed" more hair. If this continues over a long period of time, then I would call your physician. Otherwise, it is probably nothing to worry about.

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    It's much more than ever before in my life. I was also thinking it may have been my new bc pill, Loestrin Fe, too, but I just wanted to be sure,
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    I couldn't find anything on Loestrin Fe leading to hair loss, but that doesn't mean it is not the cause of it. One more thought- have you had your thyroid checked?


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    yeah i just had it checked last month. hmm...
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    are you taking any steroids? when i was in rehab they had me on one that caused huge hair loss so i immediately stopped taking it and all my hair grew back.

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