OK - I have kept quiet for a about a week, but David had started Ampyra a week ago yesterday. It was a very long and hard process but he got the prescription and started in 15 minutes after the Fed Ex guy dropped it off. This stuff has been absolutely wonderful for David.
David was diagnosed with MS 4 1/2 years ago on Oct. 31, 2005. He had one attack in July 2005 that went away and all was normal, then Oct. 2005 one major attack that effected everything and left him dependent on a manual chair that was pushed by me. He could not see, eat, breath, talk, walk or use his left arm. He could not control bowels or his bladder. 4 1/2 years later he has improved in that his vision is better, not good but better, he can eat, he can talk and he can breath on his own. Bowels are controlled with bowel program, bladder - suprapubic cath. His right leg is moving but his left leg not really. He is in a power chair that he controls. After one week with Ampyra he has stood 6 times. His speach is so clear, he is not napping at all during the day, his spirits are so much improved. He is still not walking and we don't know that it will make him walk but...the outlook is so much better with Ampyra. The first time he stood since Oct. 2005 it took me and both of our daughters that was about 2 years ago, we had a death grip on him and ended up giving him one heck of a wedgie. This week though, 3 pills later, I got behind him as he was sitting on the edge of the bed completely stable (which he couldn't do before) and lifted, his knees locked into place and he stood. Then 3 days into it I put him in a standing sling on our ceiling lift, he stood up and then when he tired (about 30 seconds later) the sling took over. Yesterday our youngest daughter and I got on each side, he put his arms around our necks and stood. Not much weight on us at all. Today he done the same thing three times with me and our oldest daughter. Today he stood for about 1 minute each time. I am so thankful for this drug..anyone with MS ambulatory or not....research it and if at all possible try it. Thank you Dr. Wise for helping me understand this drug better and also thank Acorda Theraputics for me. ~~ Lisa