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Thread: The medical solution we've been waiting for

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    The medical solution we've been waiting for

    The medical solution we've been waiting for
    May 13, 2010

    By Abby Trombley

    Imagine being as young as 6 years old. You are waiting in a hospital, waiting for a kidney. Your kidney no longer works, and the only solution is an organ transplant. There are many people ahead of you in the line waiting for organs and the doctors don’t know how long it will be before you can have the operation. What they do know is, if you don’t get a healthy kidney soon, you will die.

    Unfortunately, many people are in this same situation. Human cloning would be beneficial to organ transplants, would lead to more scientific discoveries and could treat and prevent fatal illnesses. If scientists had the ability to legally produce human clones, cloning would be beneficial in many ways.

    First of all, human cloning would be beneficial for organ transplants. The fact is, every year people die waiting for organ transplants. The number of people waiting for organs is far greater than those willing to donate. If everyone who needed one had his own clone, an organ would be available right away without any trouble. There would be no problem finding a donor with a matching blood type, and no waiting for long periods of time for that operation to happen. Cells could also be grown for the same purpose. Konrad Hochedlinger at the Whitehouse Institute of Biomedical Research said, “These cells may be used to treat diseases, such as diabetes or spinal cord injury without the complications of organ rejection.” Clones would make the difficult process of organ transplants smoother and faster-paced, and would save lives.


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    blahhhblaaahhh f-ing blah blah blah no cure just suffer

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    says the incomplete quad who can ride dirt bikes standing up.


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    anyway, the article doesnt mention much about how a cloned cell would be used to treat sci. how exactly does that work?


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