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Thread: my kid's first car accident was today

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    Yeah, the poor kid. When the phone rang five minutes after she left that morning it seemed a bit unusual, then she was sobbing on the phone, I realized what had happened. I was trying to ask her "are you alright, is anybody hurt?" but she could hardly answer. I breathed a *huge* sigh of relief when I finally got her to answer.

    The woman she hit turned out to be very nice .. she gave her a hug .. our daughter said she was doing ok until she turned and saw the smashed-in front end. That's when she lost it.

    So now how long can we go with one car and three drivers? Hmmmm.

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    Ijust saw this post! I'm glad your daughter was not hurt. I get freaky just thinking about 'what if' one of mine were to be injured in a car...or worse. Here's a hug for you! ((((((HUG))))))
    Better late than never.

    We are all faced with a series of great opportunities... Brilliantly disguised as impossible situations.

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    thank God kate everything is okay, i'm still praying though, to keep the strength to be back to norm

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