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Thread: ADA reference manual app

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    ADA reference manual app

    Does anyone know if such an app for a smartphone exists? There are plenty of guides for birds, drugs, trees, etc. out there. It would be helpful to have the law available at our finger tips.

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    I don't know of an app, but you could download the ADAAG for reference:

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    I know of one being developed by a lawyer friend of mine, but I don't know what the time line on it is.

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    Texas- Good to know. Thanks. I look forward to having the law in my hand.

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    Yea, he's helped me with a lot. He's a para and just graduated law school, we are working on getting both an app and website together with state and federal law information, but with how busy we both are atm there isn't a lot of work being done towards it on my end. Hopefully that change soon.

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