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Thread: Who Is The Oldest PARAPLEGIC or QUAD?

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    I am 60 years old, 41 years post and C-6 complete and still driving a regular car not a van.

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    I am certainly not the oldest, yet. I am 65 and 45 years post. MVA at age 20 and I am a C5-C6 quad and I never used a chair until 2004. I now use a power chair and I love it and wish I had started using it many years ago. I guess it's true that with age comes wisdom...or if not wisdom, better than 20/20 hindsight.
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    My friend is 61 years old, 58 years post and a T10 para. He stills drive a regular car and has used a mauelle chair for about 10 years. He was walking before.
    I am only 43 years post on Friday so like I said, still a newbie.
    TH 12, 43 years post

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    I'm glad you asked. My husband is 83 now. He is a Korean Vet. His injury occurred just after he got out of the Navy. His family were all loggers and he had just bought his first truck. It was winter on the mountain with the rain. He went up on the landing and the frame gave out and the log pounded him in the ground. 3 weeks later he woke up. He was soon in a wheelchair. That was 1955 I think. Nothing has stopped him. He has been in that chair for 60 years. He has a lot of stories to tell.

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    These are great!

    My Dad is a 72 year old incomplete para. He was hit by a taxi 8 years ago. He still crutch walks outside the house, and uses his wheelchair in his house. He goes to PT or the gym to work out a couple times a week, and has more upper body strength than men half his age. Managing bowel and bladder and being vigilant with skin has been the hardest part, with aging.

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    Quote Originally Posted by hlh View Post
    These are great!

    My Dad is a 72 year old incomplete para. He was hit by a taxi 8 years ago. He still crutch walks outside the house, and uses his wheelchair in his house....
    71 here. Your dad is lucky to be able to stand. I'm sorry but I think he has his priorities backwards. If he uses the chair inside, he probably needs it more outside the house. I wish I'd caved into using one long before it became an absolute necessity. I'd be better off now.
    I have had periodic paralysis all my life. I lost my ability to walk in 2011 beginning with a spinal block, which was used for a hip fracture caused by periodic paralysis.

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    I'm 77 and got hurt by "getting" the bends I was a commercial diver, underwater mechanic, in 1973. This condition caused Partial Paralysis then and has deteriorated with age from my current understanding of this malady was I "insulted my brain" and by struggling to make myself as normal as possible I have caused immeasurable after damage to my spine. Looking back, it has been an interesting trip. But one I would wish on no one.

    I have been in a chair for just about 7 years now, probably should have been sooner. The ongoing repair work to my spine probably could not have been successfully done when they occurred. But I am thankful for such advances even now. They have allowed me to get off the pain meds. (to be continued?)

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    I hear you, nonoise.

    He would likely be able to do and enjoy more things in the world, with fewer falls, if he used his chair more outside the house. But he's stubborn as heck. And honestly, the walking he does get outside the house helps his pain. And it has gotten him this far.

    Everything in life is a trade-off.

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