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    My husband is not doing well and we are thinking of having a third child. All our other children were concieved pre-injury. Please can anyone give me any suggestions on where to start to become pregnant. My husband is a c-6 SCI.. I need ideas...Thanks...Heather

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    The Relationship and Sexuality forum has boocoos of info on this topic. Use the Find feature, advanced search, keyword fertility, forum R/'ll find enough links to keep you studying for ages.

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    Originally posted by HeatherBug:

    My husband is not doing well and we are thinking of having a third child.
    Why would you want to have a child if he isn't doing well?
    You don't have to answer I know it's a personal thing, it just struck me.

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    I am also curious about why you would want to further stress your marriage with another child when your husband is "not doing well". I am sure you know that while a child is usually a happy event, it is also incredibly stressful and expensive. Perhaps you should wait until his health is better or your marriage is in a better place.

    If you want to read more on conceiving a child for a man who has a SCI, I would suggest this site:


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