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Thread: Homeschooling children

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    Homeschooling children

    My daughter in the 5th grade has asked that she be homeschooled starting next year. I'm relieved in a way since it seems the public school system gets worse every year and next year she'd be starting in Middle School, they have metal detectors and cameras, not a good sign IMO.

    I'm doing some research on the Internet and have found quite a bit of helpful information to get started. I'd like any advice or recommendations from any parents who are or have homeschooled their children, or from people who have been homeschooled themselves.

    It's kind of scary since other than helping with homework, I've never done anything like this. Any help would be appreciated!


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    I've never done it but am thinking about it. My son can't keep his mind off girls long enough to listen to the teacher. Sitting home with Mom would be much less distracting.

    I've been over those internet resources, too, and don't see a downside. People say socialization is a problem, but my son is majoring in Socialization in school.

    It would probably require more patience than I have though.

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    LOL Betheny, I understand the majoring in socialization thing.

    A lot of people have said that to me about home schooling too but Melissa doesn't have a problem in that area either. Getting her to stop socializing is much more of a problem for us. Nonstop talker, it runs in the family as I'm sure you've noticed .

    I don't see a downside either, people say it's expensive but according to the sites I've found today, it's just not true. When you count up all the money on clothes, pictures, clubs, sports, etc. public school is pretty darn expensive too.

    On the patience issue, I know there will be days I won't have it but I'm willing to give it a shot. We'll have to work out something so I can have an hour of downtime every day, that's a necessity.

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    Hi gals,

    I've been homeschooling my two boys for 4yrs now! I love it. Never thought that I'd be doing it but once I found out how common it is and the amount of step-by-step curriculums there are out there, it made it doable!

    Also....there are a TON of homeschool groups out there....that is where you get "socialization". There is so much to do every month that you CAN"T possibly do it all! Our group has monthly bowling, skating, co-op classes, field trips, etc. (we even went on a homeschool cruise last Nov. to the Carribean!!!)

    *side note* You get to move along faster than public schools...if your child 'gets' a concept, you can move on and not wait for the 'rest of the class'. My 5yr old got math down so well that we just finished K-5 and are moving right along to 1st grade!!!

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    Shannon thank you for your reply. It's encouraging to hear you speak so well of this endeavor.

    You are right, there is much to do I can see, and right now I'm just looking for a place to start. I got a list of books to read and the forms to send in to the Superintendent, found a local bookstore and a couple of groups very close by us.

    I'll be glad to see her progress. Right now I don't think she gets the proper attention on some things she doesn't understand but other things she grasps right away. She's getting good grades but seems to have way too much to do at times. It's better now, the first 3 months of this school year she had so much homework everyday it stressed her out, she had to get up early even after doing homework all evening with no downtime to just play or do whatever she wanted and she cried almost every day. Plus they don't take the kids outside to play anymore in the public schools here, it's not a priority for them to have any physical fitness. They have P.E. twice a week, which is not enough IMO.

    I'm excited about it!

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    That's great! We're both in Ga! I'm below Macon...but wanted to give you this website that gives you such good info for us Georgians-->

    Also there will be several curriculum fairs coming up soon in the Atlanta area that gives you the chance to actually look at different curriculums and ask questions. That site above will have it listed.

    If you ever have any questions, please feel free to ask!!

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    Thanks again Shannon.

    I found that website yesterday and thought it was great! They're very close to us, we're south of Atlanta, very close to Brooks where they're located.

    I'll look into the fairs also, that's a great idea. Thanks for your offer, I bet I'll be asking some advice sooner or later. It's nice to have someone experienced for advice.


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    Jewel, we didn't homeschool our girls (they're in 9th and 11th grades now), but I've been working with homeschooled kids for years as a math tutor.

    I can tell you that from what I've seen, the parents who are most successful at doing this are the ones who could be described as flexible, creative, determined, and patient. You seem to fit all those categories, so go for it!

    Also, years ago I read a book called Family Matters by David Guterson (the guy who wrote Snow Falling on Cedars). Before his writing career took off, he was an English teacher at Bainbridge Island High School, near where I live. He and his wife home-schooled their sons. What I remember best from that book is that even if your kids are being homeschooled, the public school system is required to include them in any activity that you as a parent want them involved in.

    So, your daughter could still play on the high school soccer team, or sing in the chorus, or whatever, even if she's not enrolled as a student.

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    Thank you Kate! I will look up that book, I'm familiar with Bainbridge, my dad lived half a block off Puget Sound in Seattle for 10 years and I love it there. I remember the snow falling, already a couple of feet of it on the ground in December of '91 and I had walking pneumonia, ending up with real pneumonia just a few weeks later, but it was beautiful and rare, especially being so close to the Sound.

    I will read the book and thanks for the tidbit, I'll take any little thing I can get!!! Thanks for the compliment too, that's nice .


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    P.S. to Kate, I tried to edit my post but it wouldn't let me "login" which it says I'm not but I obviously am or I wouldn't be posting, right? Hmmm... anyway...

    Just wanted you to know I rethought the "tidbit" comment and didn't want you to think I thought little of it, I don't, it's a great thing to know that she can continue in her club and other endeavors she's in to. THANK YOU!

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